Unpacking NFT Gen 2 from SIX Network

Unpacking NFT Gen 2 from SIX Network


Table of Contents


Hello, and welcome to “NFT Gen 2 Guide” We’re excited to explore the developments in the evolving world of NFTs with you. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at NFT Gen 2 from SIX Network.


NFTs have taken the art, collectibles, and gaming worlds by storm, offering a new way to buy, sell and trade unique digital assets. From art to exclusive in-game items, NFTs provide a way to own and verify ownership of digital assets.


NFT Gen 2 is the next step in the evolution of NFTs, bringing new features and capabilities that make it even easier to use and interact with NFT users for businesses. In this guide, we’ll dive deeply into NFT Gen 2 and explore what sets it apart from other NFTs. We’ll also provide an overview and the benefits of using NFT Gen 2. So let’s get started!


What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are types of digital assets that are created using blockchain technology. They are unique, immutable, non-interchangeable, and traceable.


NFTs can represent many things, including images, music, videos, gifs, and even physical products. They have many use cases, such as serving as fundraising tools, event tickets, exclusive merchandise, loyalty point programs, and more. NFTs are versatile and can be used in many ways to represent valuable and unique items.


What is NFT Gen 2?

NFT Gen 2 is a new project from Six Network that offers more adaptable NFT and is helpful for everyone who wants to add value to their’s businesses. NFT Gen 2 is built on Dynamic Data Layer that runs on SIX Protocol, enabling NFTs to match business needs.


The story behind NFT Gen 2

NFT Gen 2 was developed when people were excited about NFTs. SIX Network wanted to make NFTs more valuable in business, so we thought about how it could be used in real-life.


Previously, some projects offered NFT Utilities such as free rewards, but these utilities were not easy to use. For example, if a project owner wants to offer rewards like free hamburgers, NFT holders have to physically show the NFT at the counter. Then, the employee manually records that rewards have been redeemed.


Many owners offer utilities that are linked to NFTs, but the process of redeeming is inconvenient because the NFTs are stored on the blockchain while utilities are not. So, SIX Network aims to make this process easier. For example, with NFT Gen 2, Holders can show an NFT and simply scan a QR code to redeem a reward, without the need for manual record-keeping or verification. So, the process is more efficient and secure.


Core features

1. Marking Usage Value

The business can embed the use case and redeemable inventory for the users to obtain their rights.


2. Point System

Dynamic Metadata allows the NFT to collect the point and work as a membership or CRM tool for the users and brands.


3. Proof of Attendance

Users can use the NFT as a Proof of Attendance concept as a fraud-free ticket to attend the events or complete the quest and journey.


4. Mergeable Attribute

Once the users have completed their task or quest, the attribute of NFT can be merged with new attributes.


5. Transformable NFT

Dynamic Metadata allows the collection owner to change the artwork on NFT. The business can create a business case related to artwork transformation and its attributes to create uniqueness as a symbol of use.


6. Delegating Gas Fee

Via fee delegation address, users can process any NFT transaction without having to prepare for a gas fee which will be provided by either the business or the collection owner.


Who is behind NFT Gen2?

NFT Gen 2 was developed by Six Network, a leading blockchain, and decentralized financial company. They are backed by FSN, a group of over 10 public companies in South Korea.


SIX Network was founded in 2018 with the goal of using blockchain technology to expand business opportunities. They offer services for businesses to easily store, exchange, buy, and transfer digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

NFT Gen 2 is run on Six Protocol, a blockchain infrastructure layer built to help businesses migrate their assets into the blockchain by issuing their tokens, including cryptocurrency and NFT, to the destination chain.


How does the NFT Gen 2 work?

To understand how NFT Gen 2 works, it is necessary to understand the basics of NFT functions.


NFT is a digital asset that is created and stores the data on Blockchain. For example, a human portrait NFT might consist of various attributes, or traits, such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, which come together to form the NFT portrait.


In general, once NFT was created, it consists of traits as metadata on the blockchain that cannot be changed. The image and all the traits will remain the same forever, as it is permanently recorded on the blockchain.


SIX Network wants to overcome the limitations of NFT. Therefore, They created NFT Gen 2 which builds upon the concept of “adaptable NFT” by allowing the NFTs to be modified and breaking the limitation of normal NFTs being fixed and unchanging.


So, NFT Gen 2 works as follows:

Let’s say we have a human portrait NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, the NFT metadata is on Ethereum, and the picture can’t be changed. But, If we want to modify an NFT, such as adding a hat, we can use NFT Gen 2 to create a hat and link it to the “hat trait” on the Six Protocol Chain.


This means that the original NFT remains on the Ethereum blockchain, but additional traits can be added later and linked to the Six Protocol Blockchain without changing the metadata on Ethereum Blockchain.


By doing so, we can change NFT traits by simply adding NFT Gen 2 functions, and keeping data stored on the blockchain. It allows us to track and trace all past data, no matter how much it may have changed.


Example of how the dynamic data layer work :


Preparations before using NFT Gen 2

For any business that wants to use NFT Gen 2, there are two 2 main things that must be prepared:


1. Prepare the smart contract of the NFT. If this is not something that can be done in-house, you can hire an outsource company to work or you let SIX Network handle it.


2. Prepare the requirements, such as how the NFT will be used and how many will be needed. For example, a company might want to use the NFT as a membership card for 500 numbers. If a company is unsure about these details, SIX Network can consult to find a suitable solution.


Once the necessary preparations have been made, the following steps can be taken to set up NFT Gen 2

1. Download Binary and list available commands of the binary Create Account

2. Mint Tokens at the faucet to get coins for gas fee

3. Create NFT schema and NFT Metadata

4. Deploy NFT Gen2

5. Perform Action of NFT Gen2

6. Download and install the script


Read our full NFT Gen 2 Tech Doc https://app.gitbook.com/o/-LNwjTTMzXF4z4Ip3nxo/s/UOgAAChWM38m2FHlKkOf/getting-started/getting-started


Moreover, SIX Network plans to release NFT Gen 2 testnet for developers soon. You can follow more details at the discord.


How to use NFT Gen 2

Most people that adopt NFT Gen 2 aim to add value to their businesses. We would like to give an example of a coffee shop that wants to increase customer engagement and retention by replacing the old point-collecting program with NFT Gen 2.


A coffee shop, SIX Cafe, decides to launch an NFT point system to reward its loyal customers and increase engagement. Customers can buy NFTs and collect points when buying coffee, referring friends, and participating in special promotions or events. These NFTs can then be used to redeem rewards, such as discounts, free drinks or snacks, etc.


To participate in the NFT point system, customers must first create a digital wallet link to SIX Cafe. And, SIX Cafe might set rules and activities such as buy 10 cups get 2 snacks free. So, Whenever customers buy coffee, they will be automatically collecting points in their wallets. They can then view their activities and redeem their points when purchased.


Also, It will be recorded in the system, how many rewards customers redeem. To ensure that every point is valid and transparent, also avoid errors when giving privileges.


In the future, SIX Cafe might decide to create a marketplace where customers can buy and sell their NFTs with other users. This allows customers to trade or sell their points for other rewards or even for cash.


Overall, the NFT point system serves as a way for SIX cafe to reward its loyal customers, increase engagement, and create new business opportunities.


Benefits of using NFT Gen 2

NFT Gen 2 has many benefits depending on the implementation of businesses. Some examples of these benefits might be:


1.Improve security because once the data was in the blockchain. It can not be changed and is hard to hack.


2.Use data and analytics by tracking NFT usage, This information can help understand customer behavior.


3. Increased customer engagement in a more interactive and rewarding way, which can lead to increased customer engagement.


4. Strengthen Customer loyalty by offering rewards for customers to remain loyal to businesses. These rewards can be earned and redeemed through the use of NFTs, which can provide valuable benefits to customers


5. Offers unique opportunities for generating revenue such as selling NFTs as collectibles and more.


6. Added brand value by establishing a business as an early adopter of innovative technology, which can enhance brand reputation.


NFT Gen 2 Uses Case

NFT Gen 2 has 4 use case already which is Whale Gate CollectionTeam MHRS for Maho Rasop Music Festival 2022NFT BUAKAW1 x Amazing Thailand, and NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi.


The First One is the “Whale Gate Collection,” which was exhibited at Thailand Crypto Expo at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre during 6–9 October 2022 when visitors received the paper wallet, they were required to complete the in-booth missions to get points that are embedded in each NFT then redeemed those points for the premium gifts.


Next is “NFT BUAKAW1 x Amazing Thailand”. The collaboration NFT Project between Buakaw Banchamek and Amazing Thailand which NFT Buakaw1 holders will receive an airdrop for this new NFT collection. The background of NFTs will be randomly selected from 10 unique attractions across Thailand.


NFT BUAKAW1 exclusive collection uses “NFT Gen 2” to update or change some traits to become a new NFT. For example, This NFT Collection has an Asymmetrical Trait in which Buakaw’s NFT traits left and right are different. But when the holder uses “Mirror Potion” (Symmetric Potion) and mixes it with NFT, It will make the original NFT trait evolve to be symmetrical NFT on both left and right sides.


Maho Rasop Music Festival. TeamMHRS is the first collection of NFT Gen 2 used in ticketing passes for an event which this time represents an international independent music festival hosted in Thailand during 19–20 November 2022 at ESC Park, Rangsit.


The latest is NFT Tickets at the Ultra Abu Dhabi music festival. The festival is introducing NFT tickets that allow attendees to access exclusive benefits and experiences. These NFT tickets are available on Binance and Xclusive Launchpad Launchpad, using SIX Protocol’s Dynamic Data Layer.



NFT Gen 2 is a new project from Six Network that offers more adaptable NFT and is helpful for everyone who wants to add value to their’s businesses. NFT Gen 2 is built on Dynamic Data Layer that runs on SIX Protocol, enabling NFTs to match business needs.


It can be used to improve the abilities and applied to existing NFTs and can design with business. So it can be adapted to use in many cases, for example, a ticket pass NFT, exclusive membership, track and prove fraud from using a particular NFT, and many more.


NFT Gen 2 works by adding traits and linking to the Six Protocol Blockchain without changing the metadata on the original Blockchain. So, we can change NFT traits by simply adding NFT Gen 2 functions, and keeping data stored on the blockchain. It allows us to track and trace all past data, no matter how much it may have changed.


It has benefits such as Improving security, Tracking NFT data, Increasing customer engagement, Strengthen Customer loyalty, Offering unique opportunities, and adding brand value. It already has 4 use cases which are Whale Gate Collection, Team MHRS for Maho Rasop Music Festival 2022, NFT BUAKAW1 x Amazing Thailand, and NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi.


If you’d like to explore ways you can use NFT Gen 2 with your project or business, please kindly contact us via business@six.network or open a ticket in our discord server.





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SIX Name Service (SNS) — A Decentralized Naming System on SIX Protocol

SIX Name Service (SNS) — A Decentralized Naming System on SIX Protocol


SIX Network launched the SIX Individual Node program for the first round on March 10, 2023, and the second round on March 14, 2023. One of the key benefits of participating in this program is getting a free one-year subscription to SIX Name Service (SNS), which is a decentralized naming system.

This service allows you to register a unique name of 6–25 characters with the “.six” extension. Today, we’ll deep dive into what SIX Name Service (SNS) is and why it’s important for the users.

What is SIX Name Service (SNS)?


SIX Name Service (SNS) is a decentralized naming system that enables users to register human-readable names to their wallet addresses or public keys on the SIX Protocol blockchain. In simpler terms, SIX Name Service (SNS) provides a way for users to easily associate a unique name with their wallet address, which brings simplicity to the blockchain experience and makes it easier to make a transaction on the blockchain.


Traditionally, sending cryptocurrency involved copying and pasting a long, complex wallet address, which could be prone to errors. With SIX Name Service (SNS), users can instead register a name that is easy to remember and share, making the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency much simpler and more user-friendly.


With SIX Name Service (SNS), users can register a unique name with 6–25 characters with the.six extensions. The name is owned by the users who register them in a certain period of time (1 year) and is unique, which means that each public key or wallet address can register with one unique SNS.

Benefits of SIX Name Service (SNS)


Registering your name or business name on SIX Name Service (SNS), has several benefits, including


1. User-friendly

Instead of relying on long and unreadable complex text as a wallet address or public key, you can register a name that is easy to remember and share. This makes it easier for you and other users to receive and send digital assets and recognize each other by name.


2. Branding and marketing opportunities

Registering your business name on SNS can help you establish a unique online presence and brand on the SIX Protocol blockchain. This can help you reach a wider audience and potentially attract new customers, leading to an opportunity to expand in the blockchain ecosystem.


3. Protection against name squatting

By registering your name or business name on SNS, you can prevent others from registering it and potentially using it for fraudulent purposes such as identity theft or phishing. SNS names are unique and owned by the users who register them, giving you full control and protection over your name.


Overall, SIX Name Service (SNS) offers a user-friendly, secure, and efficient way to interact with the SIX Protocol blockchain, providing several benefits for individuals and businesses alike.

How to use SIX Name Service (SNS)


SIX Name Service (SNS) is currently free for one year for SIX Individual Node program participants which you can easily purchase at https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node.


To purchase SIX Individual Node and use SIX Name Service (SNS): you can follow these steps


1. Purchase a SIX Individual Node by going to https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node and clicking “PURCHASE NOW” in the Individual Node section


2. Choose your desired name, which can either be a name you select yourself (between 6–25 characters) or one generated by the system.


3. Input the number of nodes you want to purchase.


4. After entering the necessary information, the system will automatically generate your SIX Name Service (SNS) and you will receive a free one-year subscription to use it. This service is included with the purchase of your SIX Individual Node.


When a user registers a name on the SIX Individual Node program, the name is stored on the SIX Name Service (SNS) along with their wallet address or public key. This creates a permanent link between the user’s name and their address, which can be used to identify and interact with smart contracts, tokens, and other resources on the SIX Protocol blockchain.

SIX Name Service (SNS) and the Future of Web 3.0


As more and more people and businesses adopt blockchain technology, SIX Name Service (SNS) will become an essential component of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Its ease of use, security, and branding opportunities make SNS a valuable tool for anyone looking to establish a presence on the blockchain. By embracing SIX Name Service (SNS), we can help accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 and build a more decentralized world for everyone.


you can easily purchase one at 👉 https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node. And if you have any questions, our support team is ready to help. Just reach out to us on Discord and open a support ticket.

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Everything You Need to Know About NFT Gen 2

Everything You Need to Know About NFT Gen 2

why nftgen2-02

Table of Contents

It’s been a minute since we introduced NFT Gen 2 to everyone. Some may wonder, “what is NFT Gen 2?” and “how is it different from normal NFTs we see today?”


In this article, we invite you to dig deep into the NFT Gen 2 land.

Are you ready?



– NFT Gen 2 is a Dynamic Data Layer that runs on the SIX Protocol Chain

– NFT Gen 2 allows NFTs to be integrated with business needs such as marking usage value, utilizing point system, and many more

– NFT Gen 2 can be utilized on any blockchain network

– “Whale Gate Collection” was the world’s first-ever NFT Gen 2 collection which is now available for everyone to explore on the Xclusive marketplace.

– Everyone can contact the SIX Protocol team directly to integrate NFT Gen 2 into your project.

What is NFT Gen 2? 


By definition, NFT Gen 2 is a Dynamic Data Layer that runs on SIX Protocol, enabling NFTs to match any business needs. 


Before we get into the details, we first need to understand that NFTs usually come with utilities, for example, an NFT that has the utility for holders to attend an event. These utilities can be curated by the NFT creator or business partners, which can be many things, such as marking usage value, utilizing a point system, and many more.


If we look at the same example of NFT as an access pass to the event, we will see that NFT Gen 2 can fit right in since it can track and trace any NFT usage. To be precise, if that NFT has been used, the dynamic metadata will appear so. This will prevent fraud and enhance the overall quality of each sale on the secondary market since collectors can verify whether the NFT still has unclaimed utilities.

Explore more on NFT Gen 2 here: sixprotocol.com/nftgen2

Example of the unique uses of Metadata

Mark Usage Value 


One of the most apparent use cases for the NFT Gen 2 is its ability to track and trace the NFT usage, which means that we can now mark the usage value of that NFT. 


For example, an NFT can redeem premium dine-in experiences for 3 meals. Usually, we would need to find a way to track the usage of how many times the holder has redeemed the meal since the original Metadata shouldn’t be manipulated. With NFT Gen 2, on the other hand, everyone will be able to see the current status of the NFT utility.


Point System 


For the first time ever, NFTs holders can participate in any community event or activity and get points distributed through on-chain transactions! It is fascinating to see how NFT Gen 2 can make that happen without manipulating any original metadata. 


Mission Setting + Transformation 


Another use case of the NFT Gen 2 is for any business to set up missions, such as checkpoints, spending amounts, and any other tailored made activity for holders to join in. The highlight of this use is the fact that the NFT can be transformed once a specific condition has been reached, for example, by completing three missions.


Here’s an example of NFT transformation from our Whale Gate collection:

The first-ever NFT Gen 2 Collection, “Whale Gate.” 


On 6-9 October 2022, SIX Network attended Thailand’s Crypto Expo at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, where we introduced the first-ever NFT Gen collection named “Whale Gate Collection.” 

The collection was given to the event attendees in the form of a paper wallet, along with a set of missions everyone could participate in. Our team really had a blast at the event!


If you’d like to learn more about the Whale Gate collection, you can read about the collection story here

NFT Gen 2 Use Cases


Apart from the collection debut at the Thailand Crypto Expo event, one of the main highlights of NFT Gen 2 is its ability to be integrated with NFTs from any blockchain network!


If you’d like to explore ways you can use NFT Gen 2 with your project or business, please kindly contact us via business@six.network or open a ticket in our discord server 


If you want to explore the Whale Gate collection and see how the Dynamic Metadata is being displayed, you can visit the collection page on Xclusive and Opensea!

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Khanathat Chowpradith

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The Basic Idea of Validators vs. Miners

The Basic Idea of Validators vs. Miners


Table of Contents

The verifiers of blockchain transactions are generally scoped down to two main groups of the consensus algorithm. This “verifiers” position are commonly known as validator and miner, they have the same legitimacy to help blockchains validate information, synchronize data, and process transactions. Though, both have similar task to accomplish but it’s the procedure that make the difference.

Distinguish between Validators vs. Miners

The validators are amended to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) which validators are the ones building the block of the chain enabling tasks for checking transactions, verifying activity, voting on outcomes, and maintaining records.


To become a validator is to “buy into” the position means that token owners will have to offer their tokens as collateral for the chance to validate blocks. Token owners who staked their coins will become validators and receive transaction fees as rewards. 


Miners are found in Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain network, their task is to solve complex mathematical equations to complete the requirement of becoming nodes for a chain. 


Miners usually need to invest in highly advanced equipment, powerful computer RIG, and energy power to run the work. As the name suggests, as proof of work, miners rely on the amount of work they input to receive block rewards.

Behind The Scene of Verification Mechanism

Proof-of-work and mining need to solve a mathematical puzzle known as the proof-of-work problem to create a new group of trustless transactions or blocks on a distributed ledger called the blockchain.


Transactions are bundled into a block, miners jump in to verify the block legitimacy then rewards will be given to the first miner who solves each block problem; this process is called inverse hashing.


Proof of stake and validators is the consensus mechanism introduced by Peercoin and then secondly by the Ethereum chain. It is virtually portrayed by locking up the ecosystem token in the chain which is known as staking.


The overall purpose stays the same on both blocks proving the only difference is in the procedure that the validators to creating the next block are based on how much they have staked and then rewarded with proportion to the staking amount.


In conclusion PoW or PoS is crucial to a blockchain ecosystem to help in the validation of blocks and synchronizing data to create a whole new chain, stabilizing the security within the network through the work performed by miners and validators. 


In recent days many blockchain networks are turning to Proof-of-Stake as their consensus process which allows validators to stake tokens in the system and strengthen the security of the blockchain.

SIX Protocol will soon launch and is thrilled to invite everyone to become our validators of the network the procedure is based on Proof-of-Stake Authority (PoSA).


The Individual Node Validator is specified for people who are looking for the opportunity to become a part of consensus verifiers of a network. We are looking forward to you staying tuned for the big announcement and learning more about how to join Individual Node Validator by following this link. 

>> https://sixprotocol.com/six-validator-nodes

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Khanathat Chowpradith
Khanathat Chowpradith

Fulltime learner | Passionate Writer | Investment Geek

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SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Group

SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Group


Table of Contents

What if you are a single particular person who yearns for the opportunity to be a node validator for a blockchain? What if you have no essential to pass the basic requirement to register to become a node for other networks?


SIX Protocol Partnership Program is nearly to commence another opportunity to enrich our ecosystem with the Individual Node Validator program after Business Node has been settled to the public enterprise for a period of time. 

The Business Node Validator was made specifically, hence the name, for businesses and organizations which can exploit SIX Protocol Toolkits that will help elevate the business operation into a blockchain full course. 


The criteria required to set up Business Node Validator respectively using a big amount of 1 million SIX tokens to stake in the system, but in contrary with the possibilities and functionalities to scale up the business to Web 3.0 is a reasonable investment price.

Jumping Start with SIX Node Validator

Just a quick recap of the main point leading to how interesting Node Validator could be, receiving fruitful benefits, and contributing to a blockchain ecosystem. Though you may see the potential to grow under SIX Protocol to become one of the validators, you have no business service here is your chance to enroll for an important role in the blockchain industry.

SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator is offering this initiative for people who are interested to join whether you are from any job field no matter who you are, a self-employed, professional, or office worker; you are all welcome to set up an Individual Node on SIX Protocol chain.

The eligibility and requirements to set up a node validator basis require

20,000 SIX tokens to stake in the individual node variation.

Once your validator starts, you will receive the passive rewards you may earn shared from the protocol’s gas fee according to the percentage of its validation period that has passed.

Role Title and Benefits of Individual Node Validator

☑️ Let us discuss the role node staker will contribute to the system

– Distributed consensus protocol.

– Execute transaction.

– Maintain and execute the performance of blockchain infrastructure.


☑️ Benefit

– Be a part of block validation in the chain.

– Receive passive reward shared from the gas fee.

– Inclusive opportunity with the network.


Everyone can have the opportunity to become a node validator for a blockchain network no matter what are the objectives or role you are in. Generally, it requires a large amount of funds, but SIX Protocol Partnership Program is granting a big opportunity for a particular group of people and individual blockchain enthusiasts to join with ease.


If you are interested to buy a node you can fill in the form here 👉 https://forms.gle/wAQzLcXijneVuC3i6


✅ Individual Node Validator program is around the corner and we encourage you to get in touch and don’t miss out on the advantages you have. SIX Protocol

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Why are Communities Becoming More Essential in Blockchain Businesses 2022

Why are Communities Becoming More Essential in Blockchain Businesses 2022


Table of Contents

Blockchain technology has widespread adoption in various industries worldwide in the past few years. However, with the ever-increasing abundance of blockchain businesses and NFT projects, we have vividly recognized that any blockchain project’s heart and soul lie within the community network!

Now, let’s dive into why the significance of communities has become the spotlight for blockchain businesses in 2022 

#1 The central hub for education, collaboration, connection, and great ideas


Blockchain communities aren’t bounded to geographical locations due to their decentralized nature; these communities are instead diverse, like-minded individuals who share interchangeable ideologies and hail from different corners of the world. 


A community within a blockchain business or project is similar to a real-life co-working space because these communities attract people of all ages, ethnicities, races, proficiency levels, etc. There are novice learners, professional traders, prospective entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts that are either interested or passionate about the same project. 


The true power of community is a central hub or space that allows experienced individuals to educate others and groups of people to collaborate and expand their networking with one another. Most importantly, new perspectives and a collective of different human brains would often lead to great ideas and suggestions. 


Let’s take a look at SIX Network’s community channel; for example, our team utilizes a discord server as a community hub with various rooms and activities for the member to be able to join in and participate in different activities. 

Want to check out SIX Network’s community space on discord? Join now here: https://discord.gg/kypKmUJv9J

#2 Engaged communities = enlarge the user base


There are many reasons why blockchain businesses nowadays truly invest vast sums of money into building an engaging and strong online community. It appears that an engaged community can act as the best advocates for the blockchain business on social media and beyond. Especially for new blockchain projects starting from scratch, advocating support is indispensable. 


Active communities enable veteran, well-knowledged members to drive engagement from new members by explaining the project/business’s core products and objectives and participating in different activities. Well-informed members in an engaged community can help activeness rise and provide better comprehension and support for all alike. 

#3 Drive business activities directly with the community


Once there is a space for the community to interact with each other, another vital element a business should consider is to drive community activities. It will be highly convenient for projects and community members to ride along with each activity as the project can introduce its products and campaigns in a community space directly where users can receive and bounce information with the team.

Crypto Campfire by SIX ep 1

As per what we do at the SIX Network community, our discord has a weekly live session called “Crypto Campfire by SIX,” where we invite different guests to talk about all things crypto and engage with the members. The topic ranges from Metaverse, Money Management, NFTs, Web 3.0 Community Management, and many more.


It is worth mentioning that some community platforms, such as Telegram or Discord, come with the capabilities for the business to have add-on features such as bots, growth tools, etc. 


At SIX Network, we have also included SIX Protocol’s “SIX Zone” onto our discord server to be utilized for various community activities such as whitelist management and airdrop activity.


You can learn more about this growth tool, SIX Zone, here.

#4 The rise of Web 3.0 & NFTs adoption

With the emerging era of Web 3.0, a lot of education is still much needed for new users, such as handling private keys or sign messages. Hence, the importance of building a community filled with individuals with different levels of experience and skills will play an essential role in helping the overall understanding of how to operate in this new era.

SIX Network Discord Information Section

Take another example from our discord server; we have a section called “user-guide” and “official-links,” where members can go through different how-to’s and access SIX Network’s flagship products websites such as SIX Protocol and Definix directly.



There are many reasons why the significance of communities has become the spotlight for developing blockchain businesses and NFT projects, whether a business can communicate, retain, and expand its customer base, or drive members to support its operation. It is also essential for companies to choose the right community platform that highlights the values and experiences of their audience—for example, having a community on discord Vs. Telegram.


It is worth mentioning that at SIX Protocol, we have a team full of discord server-building experts. So whether you want your server to have an AI bot for generating images, a bot that can track referral activities, or a growth tool that helps you grow and manage your community, our team is here to assist you!

Currently, anyone can receive SIX Protocol’s full range of services by joining the ecosystem as one of the Business Nodes. So if your business plans to expand into the blockchain world in any way, this might be the perfect gateway for you! 


Fill in the interest form here: https://forms.gle/wAQzLcXijneVuC3i6


Want to know more about the benefits of becoming a node? Check out this article here.

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Khanathat Chowpradith
Khanathat Chowpradith

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A Crypto Airdrop Mini Guide for Businesses

A Crypto Airdrop Mini Guide for Businesses


Table of Contents

In the crypto world, one can enjoy many activities, whether you’re completing tasks on social media for an NFT project’s whitelist spot, joining community sessions, or hunting for free airdrops.


Today, SIX Network wants to dive into what you need before doing crypto airdrops. So let’s get into it!

A Crypto Airdrop involves blockchain-based projects such as a #DeFi platform or an #NFT project sending out free tokens to potential users, community members, or users who completed a particular step in the platform to increase awareness of the project.


Today, Crypto Airdrop is still one of the most popular marketing strategies used by various Web3 projects worldwide.

As crypto airdrops allow projects to shine in the light and gain awareness in the crypto space, it is also considered a gateway for users to get to know the project and the token better.


However, it is crucial to note that doing airdrops might come with many challenges that a project needs to overcome, such as scammers and the use of bots.

 ✓ Know your goal

Like any project or campaign in the world, one of the most crucial aspects is the user experience and the goal of your airdrop activity.


For example, if your campaign objective is to increase the number of long-term holders, you might consider finding DeFi partners that can co-launch a staking pool for your token.


Then, once the airdrop activity is completed, you can recommend the users to stake their tokens and earn some passive income instead of letting them sell all their newly dropped tokens.

 ✓ Create an activity for your audience

When it comes to crypto airdrop, one of the essential processes is to develop a set of missions or tasks users must do to participate in the activity. These missions will be one of the first impressions you’re making to your potential audience that has not yet learned about your project.

If a project can craft a set of tasks that are engaging and not too hard to complete, it might impress users to go ahead and learn about your project. But, at the same time, complex missions might draw the interest away from users, especially crypto newbies.

With SIX Protocol’s growth tool, “SIX Zone,” which is specifically developed to help projects manage community activities, you can rest assured that your next airdrop activity or other community activities such as whitelist management or missions tracking will be smooth for your users and participants.

 ✓  Reach individuals from different parts of the world through hashtags “#”

It goes without saying that Twitter is one of the most significant social platforms for crypto enthusiasts. So many interesting and educational things are happening there, but so are crypto airdrops!

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, we heard that @thesixnetwork is a good account you should start following 😉


One of the most important tips is to utilize Twitter for your airdrop activity to the fullest through hashtags. Hashtags represent topics, interests, or trends that are happening around the globe. Twitter users use hashtags to find the conversation or content that they prefer. With crypto airdrops, of course, many people are looking through different hashtags to find the activity to participate in.


Here’s an example from an airdrop activity that we did with Z7DAO, 77 Z7DAO Airdrop, which got over 800+ retweets and liked with more than 10,000 impressions.

If you made it to this point, you must be excited to join an airdrop activity or even host one yourself! Don’t know how to start? Why not hit us up?


Suppose you’re interested in learning more about how to create a successful airdrop activity or exploring ways you could utilize all the things mentioned in this article; feel free to contact our team at SIX Protocol here: https://bit.ly/contact-sixprotocol

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Khanathat Chowpradith
Khanathat Chowpradith

Web3 Marketer | Passionate Writer | NFTs enthusiast

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Khanathat Chowpradith
Khanathat Chowpradith

Web3 Marketer | Passionate Writer | NFTs enthusiast

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Khanathat Chowpradith
Khanathat Chowpradith

Web3 Marketer | Passionate Writer | NFTs enthusiast

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