The Business Use Cases Behind Tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWAs)

The Business Use Cases Behind Tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWAs)

Tokenized RWA - SIX Network

RWA tokenization is the process of converting real-world assets (e.g., financial assets, real estate, art, commodities) into digital tokens via smart contract on a blockchain. Each token represents a share or ownership in the underlying asset, allowing for fractional ownership.


Tokenization offers several key features and benefits, including fractional ownership, increased liquidity, transparency through blockchain records, and lower costs due to reduced paperwork and intermediaries.

Understanding The Tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWAs)

The process of tokenizing RWAs involves selecting assets, defining token specifications, connecting to off-chain data for asset backing, deploying smart contracts, and issuing tokens. Blockchain technology is ensuring the immutability and tamper-proof integrity of these tokens.


Blockchain technology supports RWA Tokenization by providing a transparent and immutable record of ownership. This enables secure, direct, and efficient trading between parties, reducing transactional costs and increasing asset liquidity. Smart contracts on the blockchain automate processes and enhance security.

Importance of The Tokenization of RWAs

Tokenizing RWAs brings advantages for both asset owners and investors

There are several potential benefits to tokenizing real-world assets (RWA): 

• Fractional Ownership: Enables smaller investors to buy and trade tokens, increasing liquidity.

• Global Accessibility: Tokenized assets can be traded 24/7 on global markets, democratizing investment opportunities.

• Decentralized Record-keeping: Transactions are securely recorded on a decentralized ledger, ensuring transparency and auditability, boosting trust and reducing fraudulent risks.

•  Fractionalization Benefits: Assets can be divided into smaller parts, offering flexibility in ownership, management, and the creation of new investment products.

•  Diversification: Investors can diversify portfolios and access a wider range of asset classes by tokenizing traditional financial instruments.

Business Use Cases Examples for The Tokenization of RWAs

Real estate: Real Estate Tokenization, exemplified by the RealX Investment Token, transforms real estate investment by enabling fractional ownership. This innovative approach, similar to the RealX Token, exemplifies how investors can own a portion of high-value real estate assets. Such fractional ownership broadens market participation and simplifies the transfer of ownership, fostering a more efficient and transparent ecosystem.


Art and collectibles: Tokenization unlocks value in art and collectibles by allowing individuals to own fractions of valuable artworks. This democratizes access to high-value items and creates new avenues for investment. For example, a company named Freeport offered fractionalized shares of Andy Warhol paintings, allowing people to own a portion of valuable artworks.

Financial industry: Blockchain technology is already being used by established financial giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, BNY Mellon, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, UBS, and HSBC to tokenize a variety of real-world assets. These institutions are starting to place tokenized products with their customers, going beyond simply tokenizing assets for operational uses and savings like repo and collateral management.

Dynamic Data Layer - SIX Network

SIX Network’s Role in Blockchain Business Uses

SIX Network’s unique Dynamic Data Layer is a practical approach to blockchain business use cases. This layer, built on the SIX Protocol, serves as the data management layer within the SIX Protocol blockchain architecture.


Here’s a concise overview of SIX Network’s role in blockchain business uses:

1.Infrastructure Layer: SIX Protocol

• The foundational layer provides support and it is a foundation for the entire blockchain system. 

  • 2.Data Layer: Dynamic Data Layer (DDL)
  • • Positioned on top of the SIX Protocol, DDL manages data within the blockchain.
  • • Empowers businesses with adaptability, allowing dynamic changes to digital assets data.
  • • Stores and exchanges dynamic metadata of specific digital assets, enabling real-world applications.
  2. 3. Presentation Layer: NFT Gen2
  • • The user-facing layer was built on the Dynamic Data Layer.
  • • Presents digital assets features, functionalities, and use cases in a user-friendly way.


SIX Network’s role in blockchain business revolves around providing a dynamic and adaptable data layer, enabling businesses to leverage digital assets in innovative and practical ways, from enhancing user engagement at events to creating valuable, real-world applications for digital assets. For more information, you can explore SIX Network’s website or learn more on how to Level Up your Business with SIX Network’s ‘Dynamic Data Layer’.


Learn More about SIX Network:

Website l Telegram l Twitter l Facebook l Discord l Medium



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SIX Network: 2023 Year-End Highlights

SIX Network: 2023 Year-End Highlights

SIX Network: 2023 Year-End Highlights

As we conclude 2023, this blog provides a concise yet thorough summary of our achievements and strategic efforts throughout the year.


Let’s start exploring these exciting updates and see the progress made by SIX Network.

Six Network_Year-End Summary 2023_Final

SIX Network Rebranded: New Vision Prepared for New Future

SIX Network, as a player in the blockchain field, is changing to keep up with this fast-moving industry. We’ve decided to refresh our brand to better show what we’re all about. Our new goal is to make blockchain easy, user-friendly, and safe for everyone. This fits well with how we already do business. We’re working on real ways to use blockchain for companies, building a strong base for the SIX ecosystem. This rebranding is a new step for us, as we aim to lead in blockchain innovation, making sure our services are advanced, easy for everyone to use, and secure.


Expand to the Ethereum Network for Growth

Ethereum is known for its strong blockchain network that is compatible with many top exchanges around the world. It also has a well-established ecosystem and supportive communities. These are the reasons we decided to bring the SIX token to the Ethereum chain. Ethereum is popular and trusted in the blockchain world, making it a great place for our SIX tokens to grow and reach more people globally. Being on Ethereum also makes it easier for us to connect with big businesses and investors.


In addition to introducing the SIX token on the Ethereum network, we have also upgraded the SIX Protocol to be EVM-supported. We want our ecosystem to be friendly for EVM developers and they can understand and implement their projects on the SIX Protocol chain at ease. This step marks as an important step to help SIX Protocol grow in the long run.


Create Business Uses by Implementing Projects with Partners

We have formed partnerships with notable companies such as Fellaz, Techsauce, Cryptomind Group, and BNK48, and have implemented our blockchain solutions like NFT Gen2, Dynamic Data Layer, and SIX Protocol to positively impact their businesses. These solutions have proven to be effective and user-friendly, particularly our NFT Gen2, which is simple enough for even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to use. This ease of use allows our clients to introduce blockchain applications across various business types.


Our 2023 projects with business partners are just the beginning. We’re currently working on and discussing new projects with various companies. The success of our past projects is leading to opportunities to work with even more partners. This growth means that more people are using the SIX Protocol chain and will lead to sustainable growth in the future.


Reaching Global Audiences by Listing on Top Exchanges

Since we have aimed for a global expansion, listing on international crypto exchanges is an important activity for us. In 2023, we successfully listed SIX to various exchanges including LBank, MEXC, and Poloniex. As a result, it’s much more convenient for our international audiences to get access to SIX tokens.

More than that, SIX token’s trading volume in Korea was skyrocketing during the Christmas campaign on Bithumb exchange. That is a significant move to emphasize the existence of SIX tokens in South Korea.


All to More Opportunities

Continuing this momentum into the future, our primary objective is to deepen the impact and reach of our blockchain products. We are committed to not just introducing innovative technology but also ensuring it adds real value to our clients and partners. As a result, our efforts in 2023 have opened up more business opportunities and set the stage for significant ecosystem growth moving forward.


Year-End Recap: A Journey Through 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, let’s reflect on a year of growth, partnerships, and achievements at SIX Network. 

This recap is a snapshot of the efforts and successes that defined our 2023. Here’s to celebrating progress and looking forward to an exciting future


January: Navigating the Path Forward

SIX Network kicked off the year with the launch of Roadmap 2023 and the introduction of the “SIX Roadmap Journey Update” page, laying the groundwork for the journey that lay ahead.


February: Recognition in the Crypto Landscape

By striving for excellence, SIX Network earned recognition by securing the 7th position out of 25 high-quality projects in Huobi PrimeVote’s 3rd Round.


March: Technological Advancements and Strategic Collaborations

March witnessed the enhancement of the SIX Bridge feature to support the SIX Protocol Chain and the introduction of NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi, along with the successful sell-out of both rounds of the Individual Node Program, underscores strong community support. 


Additionally, partnerships with SIIG and WIRTUAL have been established, promising collaborative opportunities. 


April: Building Bridges and Community Festivities

SIX Network strengthened its position by collaborating with BIFROST as Node Validators for each other, launching the SIX Network x WIRTUAL Campaign, and actively participating in the Pioneering Smart Contracts: Google x Chainlink Bootcamp.


May: Embracing the Ethereum Ecosystem

A significant milestone was achieved in May as the SIX Protocol was updated to support EVM, paving the way for seamless integration with the Ethereum ecosystem.


June: Market Expansion and Token Milestone

SIX Token achieved global recognition with its listing on MEXC Global, a top 20 global exchange. The month also saw the announcement of the FINIX Token 3rd Halving, highlighting the company’s commitment to the tokenomics structure.


July: Collaborations and Blockchain Exploration

Strategic partnerships with Techsauce, collaboration with Bitkub Chain as a PoS Consensus Node Partner, and the exploration of NFT utilities in the virtual world with Bitkub Metaverse showcased SIX Network’s versatility and strategic vision.


August: Technical Achievements and Global Presence

August was marked by the successful migration of the SIX Token to Ethereum (ERC-20) and its upgraded support for Ethereum. The company secured its listing on LBank Exchange, further solidifying its position in the global cryptocurrency market.


September: NFT Ventures and Web3

Teaming up with One Asia Ventures, announcing a partnership with iAM, BNK48’s licensing partner, and signing an MOU for global Web3 business collaboration with Galaxia Metaverse showcased SIX Network’s global outreach and commitment to innovation.


October: Branding Evolution and Token Recognition

A strategic shift occurred in October as SIX Network successfully rebranded for blockchain adoption and business amplification, with a focus on B2B sectors.


November: Continued Expansion and NFT Engagements

Continued expansion efforts with a partnership with Bitkub Chain, an engaging NFT Quest Hunting at Blockchain Genesis 2023, and the design of a Digital Pass for ESL Thailand Clash of Nations 2023 further show the company’s presence in the blockchain and E-sports industry.


December: Strategic Partnerships for Future Growth

The year concluded with the announcement of a strategic partnership with Plearn, setting the stage for future growth and collaboration. Moreover, SIX Network accomplished an impressive milestone by reaching the top 3 trading volumes on Bithumb through a successful Christmas Airdrop.


As you see, Thank you for joining us on this journey through 2023. As we turn the page to a new chapter, stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments in the world of SIX Network.




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SIX Network Amplifies the Capabilities of Digital Assets for BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election

SIX Network Amplifies the Capabilities of Digital Assets for BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election


SIX Network, a leading blockchain solutions company, Introduces digital assets for the upcoming BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election, aiming to enhance the fan experience and drive mass adoption of blockchain technology.


Introducing Nigirin collection — the collaboration between iAM and Benzilla to create the inspirational character of a girl who is chasing her dream. Let’s join and enjoy Nigirin’s journey, having fun and pushing forward her dream together with a little friend, Nigiri.


Additionally, each digital asset will have Rarity levels, which are divided into 4 tiers: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common


This collection is available on October 27, 2023, at 12:00 PM (GMT+7), and it has gained a lot of interest among the public and BNK fans. So, ‘Music Code & Digital Asset (NFT)’ set is now fully redeemable. If you’re interested in other merchandise sets, we suggest staying updated by following announcements on the BNK fan page and official website.


SIX Network will seamlessly integrate a collection of Digital Assets into the iAM48 app. Powered by SIX Protocol, Dynamic Data Layer technology. These Digital Assets ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, making blockchain technology accessible to BNK48 fans.


The partnership provides exclusive fan experiences through Digital Assets, enriching the BNK Token journey and making it more exciting. Extending beyond technology, this partnership brings fans closer to their favorite idols and bridges the gap between blockchain and entertainment, opening the door to experience the benefits of blockchain.


This partnership drives the adoption of blockchain technology in several ways:

• Exposing a new audience to blockchain technology
BNK48, with its large and passionate fan base, can introduce blockchain technology to a new audience, showing them its benefits and how it can enhance the fan experience.


• Making blockchain technology accessible and user-friendly
SIX Network’s seamless integration of Digital Assets into the iAM48 app makes blockchain technology accessible and easy to use for fans.


• Providing exclusive fan experiences
SIX Network’s Digital Assets provide exclusive fan experiences, incentivizing fans to learn about and use blockchain technology.


Overall, the partnership between SIX Network and BNK48 is a step towards driving the adoption of blockchain technology. By making blockchain technology accessible, and user-friendly.


About BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election

The BNK48 General Election (GE) is an event held by the Thai idol group BNK48. Fans can vote for their favorite members, and the top 16 members will be selected to perform in the music video and promotional activities.


The 16th Single will feature an original song by BNK48, with the collaboration of JYP Publishing, a music production team from the renowned South Korean entertainment company, JYP Entertainment. Additionally, all 16 Senbatsu members will travel to South Korea as part of this exciting collaboration.


As the BNK48 General Election approaches, stay tuned for more updates on SIX Network’s efforts to enhance the experience for fans.


For more information, visit BNK48’s official website: BNK48 Official.

Follow SIX Network: https://linktr.ee/Sixnetwork


#BNK48 #SIXNetwork #GeneralElection #JYPPublishing #BNK4816thSINGLE #GinghamCheckTH_2Shot #BNK48_16thSingleGE






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Introducing NFT Quest Hunting Powered by SIX Network: SIX Network Partner with Blockchain Genesis

Introducing NFT Quest Hunting Powered by SIX Network: SIX Network Partner with Blockchain Genesis


SIX Network partners with Blockchain Genesis for Blockchain Genesis Thailand Blockchain Week 2023 to elevate the event experience.


We’re introducing NFT Quest Hunting, powered by Dynamic Data Layer, designed to increase engagement and enhance the attendee experience.


This initiative encourages attendees to actively participate in the exhibition by exploring all areas, making the event more interactive and rewarding.


Through activities designed as a gamified experience, we aim to make the event both informative and entertaining. This collaboration strengthens the blockchain and Web3 community in Thailand, driving innovation and growth in the industry.


NFT Quest Hunting

Event attendees can claim NFTs using their ticket IDs. By scanning QR codes at designated locations, they can earn points and redeem them for a chance to win prizes through a lucky wheel or lucky draw.


Special Transformation Feature

After finishing all NFT missions, attendees have the option to transform their NFTs into special “Bull” or “Bear” figures. This transformation is part of the NFT Gen2 features, allowing owners to modify their NFT artwork and providing businesses with innovative use-case scenarios.



The partnership aims to enhance attendee engagement and interaction while also promoting the utilities and adoption of NFTs. here are some benefits:

• Enhanced Experience: The NFT Quest Hunting feature aims to gamify the event experience, encouraging attendee participation.

• Transformative Feature: NFT Gen2 allows businesses to innovate with a transformation feature. Attendees can claim and customize NFTs into “Bull” or “Bear” figures.

• Seamless Integration: The feature provides effortless web integration for a simplified, user-friendly experience so seamless that it’s accessible to users, without them even realizing it’s blockchain-based.

• Prize Opportunities: By scanning QR codes and earning points, attendees can redeem these for a chance to win prizes through a lucky wheel or lucky draw.


Unlocking the Hidden Treasure of Behavior Data at Events

NFT Quest Hunting can transform event engagement by harnessing the power of behavior data.


By tracking how attendees interact with booths, sessions, and other event elements, NFT Quest Hunting provides organizers with valuable insights into attendee behavior. This data can be used to create more engaging, informative, and productive events for everyone involved.


For example, organizers can use the data to see which booths attract the most attention, and which stages or sessions are most popular with attendees. NFT Quest Hunting also offers a number of benefits for attendees, such as gamified experiences and rewards.


About Blockchain Genesis Thailand Blockchain Week 2023

Blockchain Genesis Thailand Blockchain Week 2023 is a blockchain event now in its sixth year. This year, the theme is “Build in Bear, Rise in Bull. The event’s primary objective is to educate the public about blockchain technology and promote its adoption in Thailand.


Targeting a diverse audience that includes entrepreneurs, startups, established companies, and government sectors, it stands out as the largest blockchain event for the general public in Thailand and the SEA region. The event features exclusive workshops and networking sessions designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees.


Date: November 11–12, 2023

Location: Samyan Mitrtown Hall, 5th Floor



• Genesis Stage

• Advanced Stage

• Activity Stage

• Exclusive Workshop

• VIP Lounge

• Networking Party

• Web3 Festival


More about Blockchain Genesis Thailand Blockchain Week 2023:

Website Telegram l Twitter l Facebook



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SIX Network introduced One Asia Member Pass NFT

SIX Network introduced One Asia Member Pass NFT

One Asia Member pass NFT

Introducing the NFT for Event Lovers 

Be a part of the vibrant and unforgettable festival experiences from One Asia Ventures, a renowned business in Thailand’s entertainment industry. One Asia Events proudly hosts the country’s top music festivals.

SIX Network has partnered with One Asia Ventures to develop the “One Asia Member Pass NFT.” This collaboration aims to enrich the event experience by offering exceptional benefits for members.

Annual benefits of “One Asia Member Pass NFT” include access to 3 events with a 50% discount:
– Unseen Music Festival
– Siam Songkran Music Festival
– Creamfield’s Thailand


Upcoming Event:
Date: 29-30 September, 2023
Event: Unseen Music Festival

One Asia Member pass NFT2

Membership Tiers: 

🎟 GA (Silver): 3,000 THB (Only 500 Memberships)
50% Member discount voucher for up to 3 One Asia Events per year.
Embrace the full general access experience at our exclusive events.
🎟 VIP (Gold): 6,000 THB (Only 100 Memberships)
50% Member discount voucher for 3 One Asia Events per year, which includes unannounced events.VIP lounge experience at all events.
Exclusive member giveaways throughout the entire year, which include merchandise, priority access to events, meet & greets, and much more (limited access/event).
One Asia Member Pass NFT 3

How to Use One Asia Member Pass NFT: 

1️⃣ Buy One Asia Member Pass NFT:
Buy the pass at WIRTUAL Commerce (https://commerce.wirtual.co/brand-voucher)
Receive code via email
2️⃣ Claim NFT:
Register on One Asia Ventures website (https://nft.oneasia.ventures/)
Enter the code received from WIRTUAL via email
Receive One Asia Member Pass NFT
Choose the event you want to go to, then click “Redeem” to get a discount code
(Note: 1 phone number per 1 wallet per 1 NFT)
3️⃣ Apply Discount
Go to Eventpop website (https://www.eventpop.me/)
Enter a discount code received from One Asia Ventures
Receive discounted ticket


About One Asia Ventures:

One Asia Ventures specializes in artist provider, media, and event management services based in Thailand. With over 5 years of experience, The company is one of Asia’s top event consultants, organizing over 500 successful events and consulting on 174 shows.

Follow One Asia Ventures:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oneasia.me
Website: https://oneasia.me/en
#SIXNetwork #SIXProtocol #ONEAsiaVentures #NFTGen2 #NFTMusic



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How SIX Network’s NFT Gen 2 Boosted Engagements at Techsauce Global Summit 2023 with Over 5,000 Interactions from Attendees

How SIX Network’s NFT Gen 2 Boosted Engagements at Techsauce Global Summit 2023 with Over 5,000 Interactions from Attendees


As the digital landscape evolves, so does the way people engage with technology. The Techsauce Global Summit 2023 was more than just a gathering; it is a perfect blend of innovation and engagement.


In collaboration with Techsauce, SIX Network crafted a transformative user journey at the event. The impact of user engagement through check-ins is notable: 5,268 total user engagements, 1,798 engagements in zones, 1,790 engagements with stages, and 1,680 engagements with exhibitions and booths.


These numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of Techsauce NFT in changing attendees from passive participants to active and involved individuals.


Let’s discover how NFT Gen2 technology transformed user engagement and improved their experience as we recap SIX Network’s highlighted moments at the event.

Key Highlights from SIX Network


Introducing Techsauce NFT Treasure Hunt by SIX Network

SIX Network and Techsauce introduced Techsauce NFT Treasure Hunt, which transformed user engagement into an interactive gamified experience.


Integrated into the TSGS2023 app, attendees are able to claim NFT using their ticket ID. By scanning QR codes and AR, participants earn points for check-ins at strategic locations (stages, zones, booths) across the event, then use points to redeem rewards like Techsauce merchandise, after-party passes, and cash vouchers.

In simpler terms, Techsauce NFT shifts attendees from passive observers to active participants. NFTs encourage them to interact, explore, and uncover surprises, adding an exciting layer to the event and making every corner a chance for enjoyment. This innovative approach cultivates connections, curiosity, and more engagement in the event.


But the excitement doesn’t end there. If you successfully complete all the NFT missions, the NFTs will transform into special ‘After Party’ passes that grant you access to the celebration after the event.


This transformation is one of the futures of NFT Gen 2 that allows collection owners to modify the artwork on their NFTs and opens up opportunities for businesses to craft innovative use cases, resulting in a unique symbol of utility.


Furthermore, the integration of on-chain data and schema-driven actions ensures that the interactive NFT experience runs smoothly.


You can check on-chain data via this link: https://bit.ly/45zBF9u


Insights of Techsauce NFT

Let’s explore Techsauce’s NFT and discover insights. By examining the data closely, we can better understand the benefits and potential effects of Techsauce’s NFT and NFT Gen2.


The benefits included seamlessly connecting users with blockchain, adding fun through gamified experiences, offering guidance to enhance attendee participation, and being key to driving attendees to the after-party event.

Seamlessly Connect Users with Blockchain

At the start, participants will engage by downloading the TSGS2023 app and going to the NFT Treasure Hunt section. They can claim NFT using their Ticket ID. What’s remarkable is that this entire process is seamless and users are unaware that they are utilizing Blockchain technology.


The business gains advantages from this because this integration enhances user experience by eliminating potential friction or concerns associated with adopting new technology, leading to higher participation rates and a more positive perception of the event, and setting the business apart from competitors.

Next, This Token ID will categorize participants into groups: Exhibitor, General, Investor, Media, Partner, Speakers, Staff, and VIP.


So, This allows us to map out where each category checks in. This is particularly valuable for businesses aiming to target specific market segments more effectively. By using the Token ID, we can identify the check-in locations that interest each group.

Making Events Fun with Gamified Experiences

Once attendees have claimed their NFT, they can participate in the quest by scanning AR/QR codes and engaging in check-in activities at different locations to earn points.


This approach enhances event engagement as this is like a game, and data tells us the percentage of participants who complete interactive tasks.

Distribution of Engagement Levels:

  • 1–5 Quests: 38% of participants fall into this category, indicating a high level of engagement right from the start.
  • 6–10 Quests: 24% of participants are moderately engaged.
  • 11–15 Quests: 33% of participants are deeply engaged in this range, showcasing a particularly engaging set of quests.
  • 16–20 Quests: 6% of participants are doing the most quests, showcasing a desire for challenges.


This distribution showcases the effectiveness of incorporating gamified elements. The high percentage in the 11–15 quests suggests that these quests engage particularly well. The 1–5 range indicates a strong initial engagement.

On average, each participant takes 9 quests, giving us insights into their level of involvement. Looking ahead, Businesses can leverage these insights to further enhance engagement strategies and create a more impressive event environment.


Guide to Improve Attendees Participation


The data below provide a clear picture of attendees’ most active locations, serving as a guide for event organizers to strategically allocate resources and boost engagement. Identifying hotspots and patterns enables organizers to craft event layouts, schedules, and offerings, resulting in a vibrant experience for all participants.


The impact of user engagement (Check-in) was evident in the data below:

-5,268 User Engagements

-1,798 Zone Engagements

-1,790 Stage Attendance Engagements

-1,680 Exhibition and Booth Engagements


This application of NFT technology showcases the potential of NFT Gen2, offering an experience that surpasses traditional event engagement. By merging dynamic data layer technology and gamification, SIX Network, and the NFT Gen2 initiative have paved the way for event participation and audience engagement.

There are two areas that stand out as jam-packed. The first is ‘Exhibition A,’ where a lot of engagement takes place. The second is the ‘CVC Zone,’ which is full of people due to its unique focus on corporate venture capital.


Techsauce can strategically direct its resources toward ‘Exhibition A’ by placing booths nearby to increase visibility and interaction. Also, the strong appeal of the ‘CVC Zone’ gives Techsauce the chance to effectively allocate resources, ensuring a well-balanced approach to the high level of interest in that area.


Exhibition and booth Engagements

In the exhibition section, ‘Exhibition A’ boasts the highest check-ins, closely followed by ‘Exhibition B’,’ Exhibition C.’, and ‘Techsauce Booth.’

Zone Engagements

Moving to the zones, the ‘CVC Zone’ experiences the most engagement, followed by the ‘Experiencing Zone’, the ‘Business Matching Zone’, and the ‘Relaxing Zone’.


Stage Engagements

The stages section showcases attendee enthusiasm for different topics. The ‘Corporate Innovation/Web3 Stage’ leads with the most engagement, followed by the ‘Main Stage’ , the ‘Digital Transformation Stage’, the ‘Climate Tech/FinTech Stage’, and the ‘FoodTech/HealthTech/Startup Stage’.


Key to Driving Attendees to After-Party Event

After completing quests, attendees earn points and can use them to redeem special privileges and prizes.


From the data below, The ‘After Party Reward’ shines as the most sought-after, with a total of 100% redemptions of its available slots, making up approximately 33% of all claims. The ‘ECG Cash Voucher’ is also popular, with around 21% of claims.



-After-Party Reward: 33%

-ECG Cash Voucher: 21%

-Techsauce Cap: 18%

-Techsauce Namecard: 18%

-Techsauce T-Shirt: 10%


Techsauce NFT plays a crucial role in driving engagement. As attendees actively pursue this NFT to strive for the ‘After Party Reward,’ It encourages more attendees to participate enthusiastically. Therefore, it drives more people to attend the after-party, resulting in an even more vibrant event experience.


By examining the data, we can uncover detailed trends, understand preferences, and identify patterns. This helps businesses consistently offer appealing rewards that perfectly match what the audience wants.


Next Step for Businesses

The exploration of NFTs goes beyond just art; it involves concrete and measurable data. By condensing and analyzing this information, Techsauce can enhance its management strategies.


Furthermore, this approach serves as a blueprint that can equip other event organizers with tools to discover valuable insights and streamline cost planning. This case provides a strong example of effective event management, enhancing the potential for innovation and progress within the industry.


Summary of CEO Speaker Session: Enhancing Brand Awareness through Dynamic Digital Assets


A session featured SIX Network’s Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Mr. Vachara Aemavat and Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong. In the topic of “Enhancing Brand Awareness through Dynamic Digital Assets.” They delved into the impact of dynamic digital assets on brand awareness. The session offered insights into how these assets can drive engaging interactions, foster brand loyalty, and provide an array of benefits for businesses.


Featured Speakers:

  • Mr. Vachara Aemavat — Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIX Network
  • Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong — Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIX Network


Key Takeaways

-NFTs play a vital role in attracting users and as advocates for brands. For example, renowned brands like Adidas are leveraging NFTs, incorporating features like trade coins


– The focus of creators and innovators is on practical NFT applications, uncovering innovative uses. Despite price fluctuations, the potential of NFTs and blockchain’s core values of decentralization and community-building remain strong. As a result, brands will increasingly step in, creating new experiences for customers and building brand awareness and advocacy. They strategically utilize NFTs to cultivate a sense of exclusivity and community through engaging quests and events.


-The session highlighted SIX Network’s contribution to integrating corporate data with blockchain and the development of NFT Gen2. Envisioning broad NFT adoption, scenarios such as using NFTs for tickets to create unique experiences were highlighted.


SIX Network Booth Showcases Dynamic Data Layer Technology


At the SIX Network booth, attendees had the opportunity to explore the innovative Dynamic Data Layer Technology. The company shows use cases and the key features of NFT Gen 2. Also, The booth had a “Lucky Wheel” activity, enabling participants to win rewards from SIX Network. These interactions not only showcased technology but also created engagements for all those involved.


Techsauce Global Summit 2023


SIX Network had an exciting presence at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023, which was held on August 16–17. The summit took place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok and attracted more than 16,000 attendees from over 50 countries, with an impressive 40% international participation. This summit served as a hub of innovation, fostering connections and driving digital transformation.


The event’s highlights included over 300 keynote speeches from leading speakers, as well as the Business Matching zone that provided opportunities for entrepreneurs from top organizations, startups, SMEs, tech professionals, and the general public to come together and exchange business insights, with a total of 1,000 business deals made.



In conclusion, SIX Network’s innovative use of NFT Gen2 as part of the Dynamic Data Layer at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023 has transformed user engagement. By integrating NFTs into the event experience, attendees changed from observers to active participants, growing connections and curiosity.


This approach demonstrates the potential of NFTs in enhancing event participation and interaction. Moreover, SIX Network is aimed at consistently improving the Dynamic Data Layer technology to broaden its accessibility and engagement for a large and diverse user base.


Learn More about SIX Network:

Website l Telegram l Twitter l Facebook l Discord l Medium

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SIX Network Partners with Techsauce for a Game-Changing NFT Collection at Techsauce Global Summit 2023

SIX Network Partners with Techsauce for a Game-Changing NFT Collection at Techsauce Global Summit 2023


SIX Network, a blockchain solutions company that has developed the SIX Protocol blockchain and NFT Gen 2, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Techsauce, a leading tech and business media company in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


Together, they are set to revolutionize the tech conference landscape with the introduction of the NFT Techsauce Collection at the upcoming Techsauce Global Summit 2023, scheduled to take place on 16–17 August 2023 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand.

More info https://summit.techsauce.co/


The NFT Techsauce Collection:

Techsauce and SIX Network are introducing the NFT Techsauce Collection to enhance the attendee experience at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023, which is expected to host over 15,000 participants.


With more than 300 speakers, the event will feature over 10 stages, ensuring a diverse and enriching conference program. Attendees will embark on a new journey through the event, accessing stages, speakers, workshops, business matching areas, and custom zones through their NFTs.


Seamless Integration with NFT Gen2 and SIX Protocol Blockchain:

Powered by NFT Gen2 through the SIX Protocol Blockchain, the NFT Techsauce Collection will be seamlessly integrated with the app. Attendees will receive a complimentary NFT embedded with utilities and rewards by simply inputting their ticket number into the web app.


Drive a New Experience for Attendee:

Once equipped with their NFT, attendees can accumulate points by scanning placed QR codes throughout the exhibition area. These points will unlock various perks, cash vouchers, and exclusive access to the after-party event, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.


Actionable Insights for Businesses:

The integration of NFTs provides valuable insights and data for businesses. Analyzing user behavior, including stage attendance, preferred time slots, navigation patterns, and booth interactions, enables exhibitors to optimize their presence at future events and identify prime booth locations.


This partnership marks an incredible step forward in the tech conference realm, offering attendees a unique and rewarding experience while empowering businesses with actionable data. SIX Network is excited to join forces with Techsauce in driving innovation and growth in Southeast Asia’s tech ecosystem.


For more information about SIX Network and Techsauce Global Summit 2023,

SIX Network Website: https://six.network/

Techsauce Global Summit 2023 : https://summit.techsauce.co/


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Experience the magic of Blockchain with SIX Network!

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Introduce NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi Powered by NFT Gen 2

Introduce NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi Powered by NFT Gen 2











Overview of Ultra Abu Dhabi in Dubai 2023 


Fellaz NFT Ticket for Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023


Benefits for Fellaz NFT Ticket Holders


Exclusive Access

• Fellaz-only Fast-track Entry

• Fellaz-only Reception Lounge

• VIP Ground Terrace by the Main Stage

• PGA-Dedicated Bar & Bathroom

• VVIP-Dedicated Bathroom


Coupon Pack

• 1 Free Drink Coupon

• Ultra Merchandise Coupon ($20 Value)


Add-on Benefits (Lucky Draw)

• Backstage Access (10 Winners, up to plus One each)

• Artist Meet & Greet (10 Winners, up to plus One each)

• Ultra Merchandise Coupon ($80 Value each, 20 Winners)



• Ultra Abu Dhabi souvenir NFTs (Photo and/or Video)

• Priority access to Fellaz Pass


How to Buy Fellaz NFT Ticket


Fellaz NFT Ticket for VIP Admission at Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023 is sold in two phases; Advanced and Regular. The advanced phase is between 13 Feb to 17 Feb, exclusively at Binance NFT, and the Regular phase is between 20 Feb to 3 Mar, exclusively sold at Xclusive Launchpad.


1) Buying the Advanced ticket from 13 – 17 Feb 2023 in Binance NFT at a price of 245 USD


2) Buying the Regular ticket on the Xclusive Launchpad from 20 Feb – 3 Mar 2023, at a price of 260 USD.


How to Use Fellaz NFT Ticket

How to Use Fellaz NFT Ticket


• Buy


• Transfer


• Verify



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Chalermlak Woraurai

Experience the magic of Blockchain with SIX Network!

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Tourism Authority of Thailand Unleash The New “NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand”

Tourism Authority of Thailand Unleash The New “NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand”

From Thailand to the world, the extension phenomenon of “Muay Thai” and “Technology” encourage tourism in Thailand. The exclusive Collection is limited to 2,000 pieces only!


On the 15th of December 2022, leaping forward to the new arena of project BUAKAW 1. Mr. Buakaw Bunchamek, master of martial arts, steering upfront for NFT beyond online arts. Merging the utilities for “Tourism” as the discount from leading hotels with an additional chance to receive an exclusive hotel package when utilizing the “Amazing Thailand Exclusive Collection” presented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand limited to only 2,000 pieces exclusively reserved for NFT BUAKAW 1 holder!

Mr. Nithee Seeprae – Deputy Governor for Digital Research and Development Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that TAT is ambitious to put the use of technology to promote tourism. Relevantly this project is considered to drive the future of Thai tourism industry in both demand and supply terms. Upgrading tourism in Thailand to a digital one by applying new technologies.


It believes that will help drive the overall “Digital Tourism” that targets NFT collectors. This new collection of NFT will boost the image of Thailand it also presents the concept of Travel-to-Earn as well. Therefore, it can attract potential tourists to travel to Thailand and economically uplift Thai tourism further.

Mr. Buakaw Bunchamek, the living legend and the founder of Bunchamek Gym in Chiangmai, Thailand stated 

Muay Thai is a unique martial art that belongs to Thailand as a national art. The inspiration for this expansion is to support and portray Thai Boxing as revolutionary. I was really excited because I never thought that this will come true. But this time it will be the result of the combination of culture and technology in the form of NFT that will support Muay Thai and tourism to the next level. I am very proud that this project will help the local business owners to generate income and it is a great honor to be a part of this project.

Representative of the project BUAKAW 1 Mr. Tanapon Subsombon, CEO of YDM (Thailand) Co., Ltd., together with Mr. Vachara Aemavat Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIX Network (Thailand) Co., Ltd., mentioned an insight about “NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand” was initiated from the idea of creating “Travel Potion” to involve activities for BUAKAW 1 holders limited to 2,000 pieces of this NFT Exclusive Collection. The attributes for this “potion” will change the background of the NFT to places in Thailand from 10 provinces, whether it can be Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, Bueng Kan, Ranong, Chanthaburi, etc.


Moreover, the holder of this NFT Exclusive Collection can have a chance to win a privileged package from the hotel throughout Thailand. The affiliated 60 leading hotels are Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai, Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai, Centara Villa Samui Hotel, and Grand Mercure Phuket Patong Resort & Villas, for instance, that can be used throughout the year 2023.

On top of that there will be a public sale for “Mirror Potion” (Symmetry potion) that will transform and decorate the NFT aethetically. Next up with the online activity “Friends Get Friends To Travel” allowing NFT BUAKAW 1 holder to invite friends to join the activity and win the price of traveling benefits via Buakaw Banchamek’s Facebook channel, starting in 2023. Do not forget to check out the fun!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Project “NFT BUAKAW 1” will release the NFT Exclusive Collection for the holders during this new year for the holders of the 1st collection. If you are interested check the collection out at https://opensea.io/collection/buakaw1.


Follow for more details through Discord Buakaw 1 or the website at www.buakaw.club/th. Don’t forget to follow on Buakaw Bunchamek Facebook page for the “Friends Get Friends To Travel” activity starting in January 2023.

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Prepare to fly higher with the new technology and innovation that SIX Network will provide!

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Case Study of NFT Gen 2, The Whale Gate Collection

Case Study of NFT Gen 2, The Whale Gate Collection


Table of Contents

The short story of the first NFT Gen 2 Whale Gate Collection talked about the time it was showcased at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 during 6-9 October 2022 bringing to visitors the experience of how the virtual asset come to life.


Many attendees have given attention and are interested in the experience they never had before. Moreover, giant enterprises are seeking the opportunity to use blockchain technology, and it seems that NFT Gen 2 by SIX Protocol is giving out the agitation for their nearer future.

Case Study Whale Gate Collection: Register, Mission, Redeem

The first debut of Whale Gate Collection, at SIX Protocol booth we created the experience users and visitors to try like never before. NFT Gen 2 Whale Gate Collection comes with a real use-case that was demonstrated with Mark Usage Value and Mission + Transformation. >> Read full article <<


In the booth, there are three stages to get involved using the NFT we give out for free (exclusive for attendees only) in a paper wallet form. First, when visitors come to visit, you are urged to register at the registration point to clarify attendance whether you are whitelisted or a walk-in visitor to claim your Whale Gate NFT here.

Second, you can join our activities to transform the NFT experience into real-life usage that can be used in our booth. By participating in our missions your NFT will be able to stack up “points” and when completed the NFT will transform into another tier as a sign of completion.

And finally, your stacked-up point in the NFT can be used for price redemption at the booth for SIX Network’s premium gift. To redeem, staff will scan to see the points you have and mark it up as used for 1-time usage.


To get the big picture, if the NFT has a total of 600 points in it and you need 400 points to redeem a SIX Protocol cap, points will be deducted – marked as used. There you go, now you have joined the fun already along with the experience of using NFT in real life.

Maho Rasop Music Festival, NFT Ticketing

Integrating NFT Gen 2 for enterprise is our goal to generate a capacity of usage for the entire ecosystem. Maho Rasop Music Festival is the first to use NFT Gen 2 as their product which is a ticket pass for the music festival during 19-20 November 2022 at ECS Park, Rangsit.

About Maho Rasop (MHRS)

Heineken® Silver Presents Maho Rasop Festival 2022, Bangkok’s first international independent music festival promoted by three music entertainment companies Have You Hear?, Seen Scene Space, and Fungjai. This year is more special than before with TeamMHRS NFT collection used for ticketing pass with privileges holders will have.

These are the collection of 625 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity traits. In addition, each TeamMHRS unlocks exclusive benefits, membership, and upcoming surprises the longer you HODL it.

The NFT Ticketing involves the use of SIX Protocol’s Dynamic Data Layer to integrate the utilities for this brand new experience this year!


1. Maho Rasop Experience #2

2. Limited edition Maho Rasop merchandise

3. Dedicated Entry Lane


NFT Gen 2 Whale Gate Collection was just the first step to something new and something bigger. We’ve seen through it that demonstrating and creating an experience for the digital collectible to real-life applications can lead to more dynamic dimensional use.


Moreover, businesses and entrepreneurs, during the booth visits are interestingly wondering how can they get involved with NFT Gen 2 by SIX Protocol and are getting connected with the team. This has become phenomenal to ventures and seek forward to the opportunity to grow, innovate, and make digital assets come to life.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you want to make your NFT of your own or you do have a business to run and needed renovation to the system contact us at business@six.network or open a ticket in our discord server.

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Napathsorn Unchit

Content Marketer Specialist
Prepare to fly higher with the new technology and innovation that SIX Network will provide!

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