Everything You Need to Know About NFT Gen 2

Everything You Need to Know About NFT Gen 2

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It’s been a minute since we introduced NFT Gen 2 to everyone. Some may wonder, “what is NFT Gen 2?” and “how is it different from normal NFTs we see today?”


In this article, we invite you to dig deep into the NFT Gen 2 land.

Are you ready?



– NFT Gen 2 is a Dynamic Data Layer that runs on the SIX Protocol Chain

– NFT Gen 2 allows NFTs to be integrated with business needs such as marking usage value, utilizing point system, and many more

– NFT Gen 2 can be utilized on any blockchain network

– “Whale Gate Collection” was the world’s first-ever NFT Gen 2 collection which is now available for everyone to explore on the Xclusive marketplace.

– Everyone can contact the SIX Protocol team directly to integrate NFT Gen 2 into your project.

What is NFT Gen 2? 


By definition, NFT Gen 2 is a Dynamic Data Layer that runs on SIX Protocol, enabling NFTs to match any business needs. 


Before we get into the details, we first need to understand that NFTs usually come with utilities, for example, an NFT that has the utility for holders to attend an event. These utilities can be curated by the NFT creator or business partners, which can be many things, such as marking usage value, utilizing a point system, and many more.


If we look at the same example of NFT as an access pass to the event, we will see that NFT Gen 2 can fit right in since it can track and trace any NFT usage. To be precise, if that NFT has been used, the dynamic metadata will appear so. This will prevent fraud and enhance the overall quality of each sale on the secondary market since collectors can verify whether the NFT still has unclaimed utilities.

Explore more on NFT Gen 2 here: sixprotocol.com/nftgen2

Example of the unique uses of Metadata

Mark Usage Value 


One of the most apparent use cases for the NFT Gen 2 is its ability to track and trace the NFT usage, which means that we can now mark the usage value of that NFT. 


For example, an NFT can redeem premium dine-in experiences for 3 meals. Usually, we would need to find a way to track the usage of how many times the holder has redeemed the meal since the original Metadata shouldn’t be manipulated. With NFT Gen 2, on the other hand, everyone will be able to see the current status of the NFT utility.


Point System 


For the first time ever, NFTs holders can participate in any community event or activity and get points distributed through on-chain transactions! It is fascinating to see how NFT Gen 2 can make that happen without manipulating any original metadata. 


Mission Setting + Transformation 


Another use case of the NFT Gen 2 is for any business to set up missions, such as checkpoints, spending amounts, and any other tailored made activity for holders to join in. The highlight of this use is the fact that the NFT can be transformed once a specific condition has been reached, for example, by completing three missions.


Here’s an example of NFT transformation from our Whale Gate collection:

The first-ever NFT Gen 2 Collection, “Whale Gate.” 


On 6-9 October 2022, SIX Network attended Thailand’s Crypto Expo at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, where we introduced the first-ever NFT Gen collection named “Whale Gate Collection.” 

The collection was given to the event attendees in the form of a paper wallet, along with a set of missions everyone could participate in. Our team really had a blast at the event!


If you’d like to learn more about the Whale Gate collection, you can read about the collection story here

NFT Gen 2 Use Cases


Apart from the collection debut at the Thailand Crypto Expo event, one of the main highlights of NFT Gen 2 is its ability to be integrated with NFTs from any blockchain network!


If you’d like to explore ways you can use NFT Gen 2 with your project or business, please kindly contact us via business@six.network or open a ticket in our discord server 


If you want to explore the Whale Gate collection and see how the Dynamic Metadata is being displayed, you can visit the collection page on Xclusive and Opensea!

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Khanathat Chowpradith

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SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Group

SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Group


Table of Contents

What if you are a single particular person who yearns for the opportunity to be a node validator for a blockchain? What if you have no essential to pass the basic requirement to register to become a node for other networks?


SIX Protocol Partnership Program is nearly to commence another opportunity to enrich our ecosystem with the Individual Node Validator program after Business Node has been settled to the public enterprise for a period of time. 

The Business Node Validator was made specifically, hence the name, for businesses and organizations which can exploit SIX Protocol Toolkits that will help elevate the business operation into a blockchain full course. 


The criteria required to set up Business Node Validator respectively using a big amount of 1 million SIX tokens to stake in the system, but in contrary with the possibilities and functionalities to scale up the business to Web 3.0 is a reasonable investment price.

Jumping Start with SIX Node Validator

Just a quick recap of the main point leading to how interesting Node Validator could be, receiving fruitful benefits, and contributing to a blockchain ecosystem. Though you may see the potential to grow under SIX Protocol to become one of the validators, you have no business service here is your chance to enroll for an important role in the blockchain industry.

SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator is offering this initiative for people who are interested to join whether you are from any job field no matter who you are, a self-employed, professional, or office worker; you are all welcome to set up an Individual Node on SIX Protocol chain.

The eligibility and requirements to set up a node validator basis require

20,000 SIX tokens to stake in the individual node variation.

Once your validator starts, you will receive the passive rewards you may earn shared from the protocol’s gas fee according to the percentage of its validation period that has passed.

Role Title and Benefits of Individual Node Validator

☑️ Let us discuss the role node staker will contribute to the system

– Distributed consensus protocol.

– Execute transaction.

– Maintain and execute the performance of blockchain infrastructure.


☑️ Benefit

– Be a part of block validation in the chain.

– Receive passive reward shared from the gas fee.

– Inclusive opportunity with the network.


Everyone can have the opportunity to become a node validator for a blockchain network no matter what are the objectives or role you are in. Generally, it requires a large amount of funds, but SIX Protocol Partnership Program is granting a big opportunity for a particular group of people and individual blockchain enthusiasts to join with ease.


If you are interested to buy a node you can fill in the form here 👉 https://forms.gle/wAQzLcXijneVuC3i6


✅ Individual Node Validator program is around the corner and we encourage you to get in touch and don’t miss out on the advantages you have. SIX Protocol

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The Case Study of NFTs and Logical Endorsement of Real World Company

The Case Study of NFTs and Logical Endorsement of Real World Company



Long story short Bitcoin mind is not supported for NFT creation until 2015, which is the birth of Ethereum where development teams from Ethereum have some time to study the concept and came up with smart contracts to mint and distribute NFT with the first ever NFTs of the world known as CryptoPunks.

A Successful Story of NFT

Knowing the history of NFTs probably didn’t convince everyone that NFTs are useful. Many projects try to replicate their success story, but only a few have even come close such as Bored Apes Yacht Club.

Honestly speaking NFTs are perceived as the art collection, but digital art is just one use case for NFTs and is mostly a familiar use case. Other several use cases such as proof of ownership of anything and one great example is real estate.

Case scenario:

If you based NFT on a deed for house selling, you could essentially create a record of the home’s occupancy and ownership on the blockchain. And when you are ready to sell the house, you could make a summary of the entire history of the house from the day it was built. Moreover, smart contracts can eliminate much of the paperwork too.


Propy is a real estate company implementing NFT for property selling.



This same principle applies to anything with substantial value along with car purchases, stock investments, and so on. The legitimate use cases merging between NFT and real-world uses are still a debate to date.

NFT Integrated Company Example 

Let’s take a look at giant companies that have already implemented NFTs for their product in proving the legitimacy of ownership.

Nike’s CryptoKicks: In this project, they involved the patented shoes as NFTs to mitigate counterfeit shoes and when a customer buys a genuine pair of shoes it is accompanied by a cryptographic ownership detail.

✓  Gucci Vault: Take a whole new route with Vault – an online store that launched several sets of Gucci’s NFT collections.

Long-term Viability of NFT

Another aspect of NFT use case has been adapted from the forefront concept of blockchain decentralization. Keeping track of the supply chain does not necessarily mean you know the ownership of the milk in your fridge. However, if the milk came with an NFT, people could track down what farm it came from or the date of pasteurizing. Well, this is a cool idea but people will get over it within a week. 


Where this concept really makes sense is in companies that need multiple better solutions of visibility over goods from their starting to endpoints. One well-known luxury brands such as LVMH and Prada are leading the way in this area.


Consumers who buy high-end products, handbags, jewelry, or other items can prove their origin through NFT which displays the product’s history from manufacturer to store as well as proving counterfeit products.

How Does Creating NFT on SIX Protocol Beneficial?

Answer: We won’t boast that SIX Protocol chain is anything in between, but we are offering a worthy space to run a buzzling project. Skilled developers, outstanding oracle system from our partner Chainlink, and expert consultant in blockchain technology will facilitate you to achieve. 


Trusted names that have collaborated with us in NFT projects are T-ARA, Sunmiya, and Buakaw.


The primary purpose of NFTs is not to buy overpriced jpegs which you can already screenshot off Google. Rather, NFTs have legitimate use cases from real-life case studies.


There are more sides to NFT that will be useful. New identity experiences, marketing tools, access control, and more to mention. It’s likely that many of the companies looking forward to the opportunity to flourish over the long run will integrate both digital and physical aspects into the product they’re holding.

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Why are Communities Becoming More Essential in Blockchain Businesses 2022

Why are Communities Becoming More Essential in Blockchain Businesses 2022


Table of Contents

Blockchain technology has widespread adoption in various industries worldwide in the past few years. However, with the ever-increasing abundance of blockchain businesses and NFT projects, we have vividly recognized that any blockchain project’s heart and soul lie within the community network!

Now, let’s dive into why the significance of communities has become the spotlight for blockchain businesses in 2022 

#1 The central hub for education, collaboration, connection, and great ideas


Blockchain communities aren’t bounded to geographical locations due to their decentralized nature; these communities are instead diverse, like-minded individuals who share interchangeable ideologies and hail from different corners of the world. 


A community within a blockchain business or project is similar to a real-life co-working space because these communities attract people of all ages, ethnicities, races, proficiency levels, etc. There are novice learners, professional traders, prospective entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts that are either interested or passionate about the same project. 


The true power of community is a central hub or space that allows experienced individuals to educate others and groups of people to collaborate and expand their networking with one another. Most importantly, new perspectives and a collective of different human brains would often lead to great ideas and suggestions. 


Let’s take a look at SIX Network’s community channel; for example, our team utilizes a discord server as a community hub with various rooms and activities for the member to be able to join in and participate in different activities. 

Want to check out SIX Network’s community space on discord? Join now here: https://discord.gg/kypKmUJv9J

#2 Engaged communities = enlarge the user base


There are many reasons why blockchain businesses nowadays truly invest vast sums of money into building an engaging and strong online community. It appears that an engaged community can act as the best advocates for the blockchain business on social media and beyond. Especially for new blockchain projects starting from scratch, advocating support is indispensable. 


Active communities enable veteran, well-knowledged members to drive engagement from new members by explaining the project/business’s core products and objectives and participating in different activities. Well-informed members in an engaged community can help activeness rise and provide better comprehension and support for all alike. 

#3 Drive business activities directly with the community


Once there is a space for the community to interact with each other, another vital element a business should consider is to drive community activities. It will be highly convenient for projects and community members to ride along with each activity as the project can introduce its products and campaigns in a community space directly where users can receive and bounce information with the team.

Crypto Campfire by SIX ep 1

As per what we do at the SIX Network community, our discord has a weekly live session called “Crypto Campfire by SIX,” where we invite different guests to talk about all things crypto and engage with the members. The topic ranges from Metaverse, Money Management, NFTs, Web 3.0 Community Management, and many more.


It is worth mentioning that some community platforms, such as Telegram or Discord, come with the capabilities for the business to have add-on features such as bots, growth tools, etc. 


At SIX Network, we have also included SIX Protocol’s “SIX Zone” onto our discord server to be utilized for various community activities such as whitelist management and airdrop activity.


You can learn more about this growth tool, SIX Zone, here.

#4 The rise of Web 3.0 & NFTs adoption

With the emerging era of Web 3.0, a lot of education is still much needed for new users, such as handling private keys or sign messages. Hence, the importance of building a community filled with individuals with different levels of experience and skills will play an essential role in helping the overall understanding of how to operate in this new era.

SIX Network Discord Information Section

Take another example from our discord server; we have a section called “user-guide” and “official-links,” where members can go through different how-to’s and access SIX Network’s flagship products websites such as SIX Protocol and Definix directly.



There are many reasons why the significance of communities has become the spotlight for developing blockchain businesses and NFT projects, whether a business can communicate, retain, and expand its customer base, or drive members to support its operation. It is also essential for companies to choose the right community platform that highlights the values and experiences of their audience—for example, having a community on discord Vs. Telegram.


It is worth mentioning that at SIX Protocol, we have a team full of discord server-building experts. So whether you want your server to have an AI bot for generating images, a bot that can track referral activities, or a growth tool that helps you grow and manage your community, our team is here to assist you!

Currently, anyone can receive SIX Protocol’s full range of services by joining the ecosystem as one of the Business Nodes. So if your business plans to expand into the blockchain world in any way, this might be the perfect gateway for you! 


Fill in the interest form here: https://forms.gle/wAQzLcXijneVuC3i6


Want to know more about the benefits of becoming a node? Check out this article here.

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Khanathat Chowpradith

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4 Reasons why SIX Protocol is essential for your NFT project

4 Reasons why SIX Protocol is essential for your NFT project

4 reason

Table of Contents


Here are 4 reasons why you need to connect with SIX Protocol (if you’re interested in joining the NFT land)

#1 SIX Protocol offers valuable tools to help you start your NFT journey!

#2 You will get to be working with the team behind various world-class NFT projects

#3 You can be a part of a strong alliance of top industry-leading businesses

#4 SIX Protocol helps you save cost and time



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Khanathat Chowpradith

Web3 Marketer | Passionate Writer | NFTs enthusiast

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3 Reasons Why Business Should Use Tokenization

3 Reasons Why Business Should Use Tokenization

3 reason

Table of Contents

Blockchain technology is now serving as new platforms and applications for businesses. It enhances the capabilities to process and reduce costs, moreover, it reflects trust for an organization and with partners and customers in a long run.


Upon trust and credibility, blockchain technology is versatile ranging from companies operating in investment, banking, insurance, data transferring, creative content, etc., and can derive immense benefits for each business.


For instance membership points can be implemented with the business tokenization to turn points into tokens that can be used for trading and/or investment including NFT for virtual collectibles stating the privilege of the holder. 


In this article, we’ll see what Business Tokenization by SIX Protocol support in the expansion of business wanting to adopt blockchain system.

3 Points Tokenization is Transforming the Business Ecosystem

Reason 1 – Powerful Tool of Interoperability

The options are endless, from the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence and industrial automation. Blockchain is another technology worth considering as it can serve companies in issuing and managing their own cryptocurrency, NFT, or blockchain as an initial driving force.
For example, “Real estate operates around individuals’ ownership of lands, it only makes sense to apply NFTs to the real estate industry as it eliminates human error. However, a business will need to develop a backend system that can ensure the safety of both buyers and sellers.

“The rise of NFTs for Business Development: How SIX Protocol can help utilize NFTs for your business.” SIX Network, https://sixnetwork.medium.com/the-rise-of-nfts-for-business-development-en-4fe5616900dc. Accessed 20 June 2022

Therefore, NFTs minted as evidence of ownership are known as Asset-backed NFTs.


And so, endless opportunities come with versatility. It might be compatible to use one chain at the moment and the other might be a better option. The cross-chain function is the key to successfully managing tokens, NFTs, and assets.


Services at SIX Protocol like Initial Asset Offering (IAO) and cross-chain functionality come in handy for companies looking forward to embracing interoperability tools.


Reason 2: Collaboration



Reason 3: Momentum of Innovation


Tokenize Business implementing blockchain is the need of the hour to find ways to achieve more with less. When businesses start involving tokenization bring it a step closer to digital transformation.


The technology is unlocking worldwide reaching any possibilities, missing out on these advantages means the business may fall behind the competition.


For all the points stated above, SIX Protocol can support firms in reaching the business tokenization and be a strong part of well-known businesses alliance as the ecosystem’s nodes validator.


Tell us if you are interested: https://bit.ly/business-node

Business Tokenization Core Advantage

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Khanathat Chowpradith

Web3 Marketer | Passionate Writer | NFTs enthusiast

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SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Individual

SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Individual


Table of Contents




Jumping Start with SIX Node Validator — An Opportunity For Small Individual


Once your validator starts, you will receive the passive rewards you may earn shared from the protocol’s gas fee according to the percentage of its validation period that has passed.

Role Title and Benefits of Individual Node Validator


       1. Distributed consensus protocol.

       2. Execute transaction.

       3. Maintain and execute the performance of blockchain infrastructure.



       1. Be a part of block validation in the chain.

       2. Receive passive reward shared from gas fee.

       3. Inclusive opportunity with the network.



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Napathsorn Unchit

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SIX Network Q1-Q2 Half Year Summary

SIX Network Q1-Q2 Half Year Summary

Summary of SIX Network working progress in 2022

Table of Contents

From the very beginning of the year 2022, SIX Network has been releasing a new launch plans and projects along the line for SIX Network & Definix community together to make connections and engagement, creating the most positive effect for all partners and SIX holders. 


Therefore, it’s about the time for the community to have a look into the wrapped up of the path we walked halfway through the year 2022.

Unleash the true power of the digital assets

SIX Protocol’s Development Plan and Concept Review


At the beginning of this year, so far SIX Network has unveiled a thrilling developing project which is our new biggest project ever. The SIX Protocol chain was introduced earlier in January 2022, view full article, the project breaks down into three parts: SIX Protocol infrastructure, business implementation concept, and partnering as node validator.


SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure layer built supporting businesses to migrate digital assets into the blockchain through the method of token issuing of cryptocurrency or NFT.


It is an essential part of bringing business to on-chain, Web 3.0 preparation, and cross-chain. SIX Protocol can implement DApps on various blockchains, unlocking unlimited possibilities to hop onto other new chains handled by bridge function assorted for any operating system.

bring business to web 3.0
Sunmiya NFT PFP collection

Sunmiya Club NFT in Collaboration with Fingerlabs


PFP NFT or Profile Picture NFTs is one kind of an NFT to showcase their ownership through profile picture customization of investment and support of the artist/musician/public figure for that project.


Sunmiya Club is the NFT (PFP) project which is the first attempt by a female artist in the domestic market to collaborate with Fingerlabs. The project issued 10,000 Klaytn-based PFPs composing fan-based and NFT holders together.

SIX Network's official community on discord channel

Greeting SIXitzens only on the Discord channel


On the 26th of April 2022, SIX Network expanded the community to the Discord channel in an attempt in making the community fun and hoping to bring the community a little closer to our team.


Discord is a great space to stay in touch, suggest, and contact our team quickly. The channel is compatible with the styling of the community we aim for. With cool features that we can add on and make our connection approachable consisting of rooms to join, activities to play, and a LIVE voice channel to chat up on the situation that you are up to.

Bithumb listed SIX tokens on South Korea exchange

SIX Token being listed on Bithumb: (SIX) KRW/BTC market (South Korea)

Bithumb listed SIX tokens on 27 April 2022, for SIX-KCT or Klaytn Network. Another step closer for SIX Network to take a move on a global level is having SIX token listed in South Korea’s well-known exchange which will potentially boost our performance and prepared us for the next biggest move under SIX Protocol.

NFT Collection of the living legendary

BUAKAW 1 NFT in Collaboration with YDM (Thailand)

NFTs community is growing and another collaborated project with YDM (Thailand) is BUAKAW 1 consisting of 2,000 generative art pieces of the legendary Mr. Buakaw Banchamek. 


We aim to inspire and connect people with huge fans expanding to the NFT/ Crypto group around the world, both online and offline, to be a part of and participate in many activities and privileges. SIX Network has helped in the process for each minting round, the collection was minted on Ethereum (ETH).

Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 @BITEC Bangna

On 12-15 May 2022, SIX Network attended Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 at BITEC Banga. Our exhibition gathered with showcases of NFT screen, the project we collaborated with, and the SIX Protocol overview. Exclusively stage talked by both of our Co-CEOs on the topic circled around.


Many ventures and blockchain-oriented firms give interest in the new chain and registered for partnership node validator at the event. We currently releasing names that have signed partnerships with us, please stay connected for further node partnership announcements.

SIX Protocol launch plan described in 4 phases

SIX Protocol Launch Plan

We’re glad to announce our new launch plan for SIX Protocol by SIX Network.

1. Weekly Validator Node Partnership Announcement

Pace-by-pace we gradually reveal the names of partners who are node validators along with the details of joining SIX Protocol.


2. SIX Protocol’s mainnet launch, Block Explorer, Official SIX Protocol Website.

We celebrate our official SIX Protocol website to invite all interesting individuals to learn and get along with the process of development.


3. Validator Nodes (For Business and Individuals)

At this phase, we’d be glad to invite everyone who wants to participate as SIX Protocol’s Node Validator to join and receive benefits/privileges.


4. SIX Protocol’s Official Launching Celebration Event

View full details >> click <<

Last but not least if you are ready to leap into the future with us,

you can join our interest list and get in touch with our team here.


Or Click: https://bit.ly/contact-sixprotocol


Discord community: https://discord.gg/kypKmUJv9J


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Napathsorn Unchit

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‘Everything you should know before investing in SIX’ – SIX Network 101

‘Everything you should know before investing in SIX’ – SIX Network 101

Everything you should know before investing in SIX-01

Table of Contents

Every year, the world has witnessed the ever-growing growth of the cryptocurrency market. At the same time, from a businesses’ point of view, the adoption of Blockchain technology and the issuance of cryptocurrency coins are also becoming increasingly popular.


When it comes to trading crypto, risk management is crucial for every trader. One of the strategies for managing risks that everyone can use is researching project information by yourself or DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


In a world where cryptocurrencies continue to grow and attract more and more traders every day, SIX Network would like to take this opportunity to gather the information that we think will be of benefit to our users, people interested in learning about Blockchain technology, and past projects of SIX network here:


‘Everything you should know before investing in SIX’ – SIX Network 101

Who is SIX network, and what has the project done in the past?


SIX network is an alliance between three of the most prominent digital media startup groups in Korea and Thailand, including OOKBEE U, Computerlogy, and FSN, with Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong (Moo), and Mr. Vachara Aemavat (Kuk), as Co-CEOs.


Since 2018, SIX Network has developed various projects such as SIX tokens, SIX Wallet, ECHO, snap, and SIXR, which are the first steps for SIX to use Blockchain technology and Metadata to develop projects. Furthermore, in 2021, SIX Network released its latest Defi platform called “Definix.”

It is worth mentioning that SIX network was one of the first companies in Thailand to raise funds through ICOs. Currently, SIX has been listed in many exchanges in Thailand and Korea, such as Bitkub, Zipmex, Bittrex, and CoinOne. SIX is one of the first Thai crypto coins listed on foreign exchanges.

What to do with the SIX coins that I’m holding?


SIX Token and all cryptocurrencies share the same feature of storing assets on a highly secure blockchain network and are accessible at all times without any financial institutions or intermediaries to determine or verify the user’s account statements.


Whether they are new to cryptos or professional investors, SIX coin holders are probably wondering, besides trading, what can SIX coins be used for? Let’s have a look!

•  SIX can be used for Farming/Staking on the Definix platform with many features available such as Bridge and decentralized exchange (DEX).


•  Earn passive income in different cryptocurrencies using SIX on the Rebalancing Farm on Definix that comes with a Rebalancing Strategy that will rebalance your portfolio and is not too complicated to understand.


•  SIX can be used to buy NFTs too! In 2021, SIX launched its first NFT collection with T-ARA, which can be purchased using SIX, resulting in all Legendary NFTs sold out within the first 24 hours!


•  SIX network just launched a Single-Sided Pool for users to stake SIX and get PLN (Plearn) where you can enjoy a public community, hang out spot, and other luxury privileges with The Phill Collection.

What’s happening now?


SIX just launched a new “Rebalancing Farm” on the Binance Smart Chain 


After the launch of the Rebalancing Farm on Klaytn in August 2021, which received very positive responses, a question arises among BSC users as to when the Rebalancing Farm on the BSC side will be available.


This marks an essential step for Definix in bringing Rabalancing Farm to the Binance Smart Chain network, as each network has its own unique assets to invest in. Defnix’s Rebalancing Farm on Binance Smart Chain is now live!


To get started, please kindly visit this website: bsc.definix.com/rebalancing

Advantages of Rebalancing Portfolios


The first thing is to understand the goals or reasons you would consider choosing to Rebalance. Each person’s goals are different. Rebalancing will automatically buy or sell when certain conditions are met in order to bring the portfolio back to balance, such as adjusting the portfolio over time or adapting according to the changed value ratio.


This method is good risk management and saves time in trading for investors as well. Therefore, this method is suitable for investors who want to hold for a long time or Value Investment, depending on various factors in managing individual investments.

Brief future of the SIX Network

• More utilities for vFinix: In the future, users will be able to use vFinix to vote to increase decentralization to the platform on both Definix — Klaytn and Definix — BSC

• We will likely see more partnership pools where users can stake SIX and receive exclusive privileges from luxury lifestyle partners. 

• NFT Marketplace: SIX is working on issuing an NFT space for NFT holders from SIX to trade on Definix. 

• Mutual Fund & Financial institution

• Project ‘SIX Universe‘: It will be a new world that brings new experiences to the users, from both the SIX Network and Ookbee sides, where only NFT holders who purchased from us can access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the company make the price go up and down?
A: The SIX Network team cannot do anything that will affect the price of the coin since the price depends on the market demand of each exchange


Q: Is SIX still in development?
A: Of course, improving the efficiency of SIX tokens and increasing use cases is still one of our team’s main priorities 


Q: What is SIX’s Total Supply?
A: 1,000,000,000 SIX


Q: Can I trade SIX on international exchanges?
A: In addition to Thai exchanges such as Bitkub and Zipmex, anyone can also trade SIX on CoinOne and Bittrex

This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk; readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.


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Khanathat Chowpradith
Khanathat Chowpradith

Web3 Marketer | Passionate Writer | NFTs enthusiast

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Let’s Get to Know More About the “Face” of SIX Network

Let’s Get to Know More About the “Face” of SIX Network

UX-UI designer

“Will you be able to learn how to design UX/UI on your own?”

“This will be very new for you!”

"Remember this design will be our representative."

If you are questioning who are the people behind the interface of each application in SIX Network, this past week I have had a chance to sit down around and talk to Boonyawat Pollert (Win), the one and only UX/UI Developer and Graphics & Arts Creator.


Win graduated with a degree in Educational Communication and Technology from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and started his first job right away after graduating as a graphic designer.


He had substantial experience in designing the application interface but took the risk of the opportunity to learn a more exciting lesson after he started the job here at SIX Network back in 2018.

Taking the Risk of Opportunity


There’s no regret in life, just lessons.

In the beginning, Win was assigned to do presentations to present to our partners about the coming products for the budget fundraising. After ICO this is the time where Win was pushed to design the “face” of SIX Network from scratch.


“The investors are rushing us to see what we got. I was confused and unsure about the design I created. I was scared to make a move, but people here are sharing and encouraging me to pull out the skills inside.”

The first product of SIX Network is SIX Wallet. This wallet is for storing digital assets specifically for crypto SIX coins. The design Win made was functional and easy for people to understand, but he lacks the knowledge of what the user needs.


“I was guided by the Co-founder and Co-CEO here to help out with the project. Everything went well until the launching day became nearer”

The co-founder introduced Win to a high-traffic wallet website in the market, Exodus, to expand Win’s idea in creating art design.


Relatively, Win got the inspiration to create what most users in the crypto ecosystem need in their wallet app which is the graph. Not just only the decimal digit of their balance, but the graph will give the big picture for the users to track their balance visually.


Here comes the first draft meeting for the user interface design on the first product. It gets more intense when the launching date gets nearer and nearer.


Mr. Vachara Aemavat (Kuk), Co-CEO of SIX Network has lent his hand and been involved in briefing the design.

“I was very nervous and didn’t expect much that this first draft would end here. I revised and got approved, revised, got approved, revised, got approved, again, and again.”

Growing with SIX Fully like Foliage


Here at SIX Network, everyone works together collaboratively to establish the goal that was set for each phase and each project. The idea of progress to build trending technology comes to the state of mind where the CEO suggests a super application suitable for the new genre. 


SIXR was introduced to the team for developing the application in diverse directions. It aims to make a market engagement for the younger generation to get involved in the financial world and technology.

FUN FACT : During the first phase SIXR was pronounced sixer.

During the first concept of designing the app and its function, there are so many ideas put into it and almost too scattered. It includes the part where the community gives space for live streaming, conversation channel, the in-app marketplace, tokenize system, financial services, and more.

SIXR first concept

“I have a lot of fun doing the design for the application that is more favorable by the young people, just like me. The concept itself sounds fun already so I put the effort into it to make it playful and approachable. Not geeky anymore!”

In all of the concept ideas, the application SIXR was published with 5 features in the end. It acts as the channeling for connecting people of the same interest for the crypto world, digital asset management, game center to earn the token for the price, marketplace using the SIXR token for trading, seamless connection, and real-world application.

“The figure for the brand identity of SIXR app was the first thing I was told to design and I thought this character must be related to our partner, Joylada,

a sweet cutey. My first draft was based on our CEO in a cartoon form stand saluting.”

SIXR Application

“But jokes on me everyone seems to think I have created a virtual cartoon version of myself. It was crazy!”

But the team went with it and finally the application was released in mid-2019 and the name evolved into SIXR (six – ar) instead.

Passionate to Learn and to Shine


I questioned Win about his work life here at SIX Network, what was his motivation to want to come to work every day?


He said that at SIX he was not treated with a hierarchy system and that lessens the fear of approaching supervisors for help. It bound people together quickly.

“This is all I want in my work life, to be able to express ideas and receive feedback from higher management to forwarding our company.”

Growing spiritually along with intelligence makes it more effective to work and apply the skills in the real-world than the knowledge obtained from a classroom.

In this place, we keep each other tight so we could grow together.


“My role is not just to handle only graphic work, but I gain so many lessons from all of the aspects of the business. I have touched the surface of business operation knowledge, tech development team, and content marketing.”


I continued with a question, how does it feel to be the one and only UX/UI Designer and Graphics & Arts Creator?

“I’m wanted everywhere, I guess?”

“A lot to work on, a lot to know and how to finish these works before the deadline. Blog content making is the new role that I’m getting used to and improvise things

I know to create SEO for our outreach audience.”


It is a hard job for Win to accomplish all the works in a quality manner. I feel like if I’m Win I could not finish all the following works on its due date. 


Growing spiritually is essential, it helps a lot in prioritizing work, reduce stress,

it allows people to stay focused and work well in pressurized situations.



All that it matters is that the understanding environment will help people grow and go faster than the hierarchical status in the workplace. To Win knowing subtle to almost zero experience of UX/UI design and was given the opportunity to learn is far from what one could expect.


Even though how hard you strive for what you want, but there’s no room for you it means that your dream equals zero. Being push and pull is all great for learning, and learning makes you a new individual always. Stay tuned for Win’s new interface let me hear what you think by clicking.

Napathsorn Unchit
Napathsorn Unchit

Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
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