SIX Network Q3 Summary

SIX Network Q3 Summary


Table of Contents

Thank you for your attention and interest in SIX Network and we know you are looking forward to our summary updates in the third quarter of 2022. SIX Network team have been delivering services, collaboration projects, and partnering announcement during this semester. 


In this article you’ll get to see the overview of the workframe and what was going on along under SIX Protocol and SIX Network.

SIX Protocol’s Official Website Launching

The SIX Protocol’s official website was launched earlier in June  2022. Hereby is the link to explore, providing general information about the protocol, such as the core structures demonstrating the primary services and toolkits SIX Protocol offers. Moreover, this page will link to our Gitbook Vol. 1 for developers or anyone to learn more about how we’re building our blockchain infrastructure.


SIX Validator Node and Partnership program, you will be able to learn more about the role of a validator node in the SIX Protocol ecosystem, along with some brief details on how enterprises can become validator nodes. 


Unleash the true power of the digital assets

 2nd FINIX Token Halving

SIX Network team set FINIX halving event on 21 June 2022, which determined the daily emission rate of FINIX production per day down to 43,200 FINIX tokens on Definix platform. The reduction of emission rate are enabled on both chains, Binance Smart Chain and Klaytn Mainnet.


And with that an updated farms on Definix platform comes from the voting power of vFINIX Holders community on the direction of the Definix’s ecosystem, we have come to an accord to close the following farms:

Definix Klaytn Chain








Definix BSC Chain










Z7DAO Airdrop Campaign

SIX Network and Z7DAO, a subsidiary of OTO, which we have announced our partnership with. We aim to create an e-sports community by using utility NFT tokens for the gaming community. This will be the central path to bringing e-sport players, fans, and investors to get together.


SIX Network and Z7DAO have prepared giveaway airdrop events for the community in honor to celebrate the official launch of the new all-in-one platform welcoming new users to experience.

Xclusive, The first Multi-chain based NFT Marketplace


SIX Network, Handstudio, and Xeno Xclusive(ly) launch our first NFT marketplace to support multiple chains of Klaytn and Ethereum to pack in with the wave of NFT trends in South Korea. 


Many outstanding NFT collections have been launched on Klaytn, the blockchain network that is focusing on creating the infrastructure for metaverse and creative works. As a result, the total volume of the NFT trading on Klaytn is quite tremendous, and SIX Network sees it as a great opportunity to expand the business activity as an official partner of Klaytn.


The Xclusive marketplace has many cool features, such as Launchpad, a special page for ‘Exclusive NFTs,’ Related Tab to view related NFT projects, and other services to facilitate NFT creators to enter and grow the NFT market.

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Prepare to fly higher with new technology and innovation that SIX Network will provide!

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SIX Network Q1-Q2 Half Year Summary

SIX Network Q1-Q2 Half Year Summary

Summary of SIX Network working progress in 2022

Table of Contents

From the very beginning of the year 2022, SIX Network has been releasing a new launch plans and projects along the line for SIX Network & Definix community together to make connections and engagement, creating the most positive effect for all partners and SIX holders. 


Therefore, it’s about the time for the community to have a look into the wrapped up of the path we walked halfway through the year 2022.

Unleash the true power of the digital assets

SIX Protocol’s Development Plan and Concept Review


At the beginning of this year, so far SIX Network has unveiled a thrilling developing project which is our new biggest project ever. The SIX Protocol chain was introduced earlier in January 2022, view full article, the project breaks down into three parts: SIX Protocol infrastructure, business implementation concept, and partnering as node validator.


SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure layer built supporting businesses to migrate digital assets into the blockchain through the method of token issuing of cryptocurrency or NFT.


It is an essential part of bringing business to on-chain, Web 3.0 preparation, and cross-chain. SIX Protocol can implement DApps on various blockchains, unlocking unlimited possibilities to hop onto other new chains handled by bridge function assorted for any operating system.

bring business to web 3.0
Sunmiya NFT PFP collection

Sunmiya Club NFT in Collaboration with Fingerlabs


PFP NFT or Profile Picture NFTs is one kind of an NFT to showcase their ownership through profile picture customization of investment and support of the artist/musician/public figure for that project.


Sunmiya Club is the NFT (PFP) project which is the first attempt by a female artist in the domestic market to collaborate with Fingerlabs. The project issued 10,000 Klaytn-based PFPs composing fan-based and NFT holders together.

SIX Network's official community on discord channel

Greeting SIXitzens only on the Discord channel


On the 26th of April 2022, SIX Network expanded the community to the Discord channel in an attempt in making the community fun and hoping to bring the community a little closer to our team.


Discord is a great space to stay in touch, suggest, and contact our team quickly. The channel is compatible with the styling of the community we aim for. With cool features that we can add on and make our connection approachable consisting of rooms to join, activities to play, and a LIVE voice channel to chat up on the situation that you are up to.

Bithumb listed SIX tokens on South Korea exchange

SIX Token being listed on Bithumb: (SIX) KRW/BTC market (South Korea)

Bithumb listed SIX tokens on 27 April 2022, for SIX-KCT or Klaytn Network. Another step closer for SIX Network to take a move on a global level is having SIX token listed in South Korea’s well-known exchange which will potentially boost our performance and prepared us for the next biggest move under SIX Protocol.

NFT Collection of the living legendary

BUAKAW 1 NFT in Collaboration with YDM (Thailand)

NFTs community is growing and another collaborated project with YDM (Thailand) is BUAKAW 1 consisting of 2,000 generative art pieces of the legendary Mr. Buakaw Banchamek. 


We aim to inspire and connect people with huge fans expanding to the NFT/ Crypto group around the world, both online and offline, to be a part of and participate in many activities and privileges. SIX Network has helped in the process for each minting round, the collection was minted on Ethereum (ETH).

Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 @BITEC Bangna

On 12-15 May 2022, SIX Network attended Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 at BITEC Banga. Our exhibition gathered with showcases of NFT screen, the project we collaborated with, and the SIX Protocol overview. Exclusively stage talked by both of our Co-CEOs on the topic circled around.


Many ventures and blockchain-oriented firms give interest in the new chain and registered for partnership node validator at the event. We currently releasing names that have signed partnerships with us, please stay connected for further node partnership announcements.

SIX Protocol launch plan described in 4 phases

SIX Protocol Launch Plan

We’re glad to announce our new launch plan for SIX Protocol by SIX Network.

1. Weekly Validator Node Partnership Announcement

Pace-by-pace we gradually reveal the names of partners who are node validators along with the details of joining SIX Protocol.


2. SIX Protocol’s mainnet launch, Block Explorer, Official SIX Protocol Website.

We celebrate our official SIX Protocol website to invite all interesting individuals to learn and get along with the process of development.


3. Validator Nodes (For Business and Individuals)

At this phase, we’d be glad to invite everyone who wants to participate as SIX Protocol’s Node Validator to join and receive benefits/privileges.


4. SIX Protocol’s Official Launching Celebration Event

View full details >> click <<

Last but not least if you are ready to leap into the future with us,

you can join our interest list and get in touch with our team here.


Or Click:


Discord community:


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Definix & SIX Network Q4 Summary

Definix & SIX Network Q4 Summary

Q4 Definix-01_0

Table of Contents

Time flies and here we are at the end of the year 2021, one marvelous year SIX Network and Definix team have had. Throughout the year we have completed so many tasks and missions hereby is the summary of the hitting milestone.

Teamed Up With Multiple Corporations

Expanding market schema is often taken by many businesses, thus it’s really important to have joined hands with corporate partners who have the same goal to withstand the trend in this industry.

      ► Collaboration With VELO and Updates 

At the end of October, SIX Network and Velo Labs Technology have signed a partnership in foreseeing the opportunity to build fundamental of DeFi investment on the Definix platform. VELO pool then became the first pool to open on Definix BSC-based platform and LP farms of BNB-VELO, BUSD-VELO, and FINIX-VELO are going to be listed in a further update.

      ► SIX Network collaboration with DINGO: NFT Project No.1

Keeping in touch with the current DeFi trends is important to engage with crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. The rising trend of NFT is one that is irresistible, our first NFT project by partnering up with Dingo. The first public sale is available on the website

Next up are the use case for users who own this NFT will have a right to access the SIX Universe, a future project for special investors to access exclusive content. Currently, SIX Network is under development to launch a marketplace for those who are seeking opportunities to invest in NFT. The NFT project by SIX Network and our partner will continue to expand in South East Asia and you’ll be seeing more artists from Thai and Korea as well.

      ► K-Pop NFT Integrated with Chainlink

SIX Network integrated VRF technology from Chainlink with the NFT distribution system by randomizing the ID of each NFT minted. The Chainlink came with the interoperability functions to integrate some features of the chain with the on-chain features. Chainlink VRF works by combining block data that is still unknown when the request is made with the oracle node’s pre-committed private key to generate both a random number and a cryptographic proof.

The integration with Chainlink could lead SIX Network to global exposure and lead to more opportunities in near future with other global protocols.

      ► SIX x Plearn Platform

SIX Network and Plearn platform, the newest DeFi from Thai market, has launched the first pool using SIX tokens to stake and receive PLEARN (PLN) token on The event started on December 17th, 2021 lasting for 7 days. In addition, the Plearn platform has added SIX to their platform liquidity for swapping and LP Farming of initial tokens such as SIX-PLN, BNB-PLN, and BUSD-PLN.

SIX Network and Plearn platform collaboration will eventually expand the market and visualize the usability of SIX tokens in a very unique way since Plearn is targeting investors to live the lifestyle they want while making profit.

FUN FACT: Plearn is the newest DeFi platform with the name that originated from the words “Play” and “Earn.”

Milestone Completed in Q4 

      ► Long-term Stake Pool

The first privilege FINIX holders can get is by joining this pool to receive the voting power (vFINIX) that empowers you to have a say in how Definix develops into the future.


To participate in the Long-term Stake pool, users will be required to lock up the FINIX tokens divided into 3 periods: 90, 180, and 365 days with returning vFINIX rate based periodically.


As the platform evolves day by day, the investors will surely find more benefits from holding vFINIX. We’ve designed vFINIX to make the platform fully decentralized and encourage our investors who believe in us to be a part of the platform in getting more benefits.

      ► Rebalancing Farm on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

It is worth mentioning that we have added various farms that have unique characteristics PoS Top Pick and Game Index. Though we included the community’s favorite to BSC side as well which are Bullish Giant, Satoshi and Friends, and Alt Party which can benefit users by having more advantages when investing in different assets.

The Rebalancing Farm uses an advanced investment strategy to sell weighted assets and utilize that portion to buy low-value assets to even out the imbalance so that users have more opportunities to keep making a profit from crypto on every interval.

APR Adjustment for FINIX

Another major adjustment on the FINIX Reward for BSC users has been adjusted according to improve the imbalance of FINIX allocation per day by allocating partial APR to the new feature as well. The allocation is adjusted based on the industry status-quo and industry research. Please find the changes in the table below:


      ► Super Stake

Super Stake enhances the flexibility of the long-term Stake pool. Once you stake your asset to the long-term stake pool, you can use Super Stake to top up your amount and earn more FINIX rewards from your long-term stake without extending your staking period too long.

Also, this feature can help you get more voting power without any minimum FINIX required when the decentralized voting system is launched. It will create a chance for you to increase vFINIX in the wallet and maximize your voting power for the proposal that you really want to push forward.


Our team is driven by the passion to make one’s desire comes true for yearning for the enrichment of the facility the Definix platform can provide in the future. In this last quarter of the year 2021, SIX Network team has built and reinvented every resource we have to push forward the journey of full-fledged decentralized finance protocol. Lastly, we say thank you for all the supports and we will grow intuitively better under SIX – Definix Community.

Happy New Year 2022

We wish you all the wealth and prosperity in crypto!

Happy New Year 2022


We wish you all the wealth and prosperity in crypto!

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Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
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Definix Q3 Summary

Definix Q3 Summary

Q3 Definix-01

Table of Contents

The Solution For Asset Management

Unrivaled, SIX Network and the team have gone through a large movement and changes that constantly keeping us wide and awake. Definix has just released one of our main features which is the Rebalancing Farm on

The time intimidating achievement to release Rebalancing Farm is nonetheless our proudest feature for us to step closer to a multi-chain asset management protocol.

What is done in Q3

Rebalancing Farm Official Opening on Klaytn

The work we put into releasing Rebalancing Farm was totally worth the time spent. Though there are some major changes during the process due to security, function test, and infrastructure. 

The final released version has achieved our ultimate goal of prospering the intention to provide the service for investors who have no time and proficiency to explore trading. The use of Definix’s Rebalancing Farm helps in managing risk for multiple assets and helps capture every opportunity occurring in the market time frame.


Shortly after the Rebalancing Farm was in service, we had a major adjustment to the APR of FINIX allocation. We believe that the major adjustment will cause the ecosystem of Definix to be more sustainable for all investors and also support the price structure of FINIX and lead to the stronger tokenomic that support more products that are coming in near future.

Klaytn Network

Binance Smart Chain Network

New Market And Partner Expansion

In the beginning of quarter three, in July, SIX Network is honored to sign MOU partnership with IOTrust to expand the DeFi ecosystem linking decentralized wallet D’CENT wallet for Klaytn-based Definix. And in the same following month KLIP wallet connection was implemented on the platform as well.

Coming up next is the new coin aggregator with Arken Finance for Definix’s site allowing users to instantly track real-time price and chart in one click.

And our latest big project collaboration is with Velo Labs Technology in creating Definix’s position as a trusted comprehensive crypto asset management platform and in the same time open a leading path for Velo to walk in DeFi space.

SIX Network also have had a few AMA LIVE sessions with crypto-influencing Facebook pages i.e. Stocker Day and Definix Community Thailand on our favorite hot topic of the Rebalance Strategy to our platform’s Rebalancing Farm.


The feedback we received from the community sentinel strives us to improve the system to another progressive level. Leading to another live on SIX Network’s official Youtube channel by Mr.Changhyun Cho, CEO Future Stream Network Asia (FSNA) talked about the new voting system and long-term stake pool with the use of vFINIX.


SIX Network was invited to an AMA chat in a Chinese crypto community, Long Kui group. We are slowly emerging to a new market which is one of the challenging markets to penetrate, but with vast DeFi adoption will allow Definix to shine at this stage. 

Q4 Achievement Goal: Definix Long-term Stake, vFINIX (Voting), and Rebalancing Farm on BSC

The immersive Rebalance feature is one of the main quests to accomplish, but the FINIX token use case is no lesser in value and cannot be overlooked. The topic has been roaming around the community, more and more people are excited about it.


Long-term Stake and vFINIX

Definix brought up the concept of Long-term staking along with the new voting system as a privilege for FINIX holders. Initially for Long-term pool investors are promoted to stake FINIX for 90, 180, or 365 days, each returning reward is based on each lot enabling users to pick investment return from the beginning prior staking.

When staked in the special pool users are issued with vFINIX token and the utility can be classified down below:


‌Decentralized Voting System Users earn the right to vote for ecosystem fee distribution when they stake vFINIX in the voting pool.


Liquidity Providing Fee Voting ‌The holder can vote for the pool that they prefer to get a liquidity provider fee. 


Ecosystem Voting Decentralized voting in platforms including FINIX emission rate, allocation adjustment, pair selection, asset selection for rebalancing farms, and etc for the future.


Rebalancing Farm Privilege vFINIX used for Rebalancing Farm discount.


Reward From Pot Extra reward pool that acts as an incentive reward for participants.

Exclusive Partnership Service DeFi developers such as Loremborad (portfolio management), Klaytn, and other partners we’ll have the project together in the future.


Rebalancing Farm on Definix BSC Expected Period

Rebalancing Farm on Binance Smart Chain is basically the most wanted feature since the launch on Klaytn mainnet was a hit. The performance and results are outrunning the market scene, especially in a sideway market.

Question we get asked a lot is the availability period of the Rebalancing Farm feature for Definix on Binance Smart Chain?


Rebalancing Farm on Definix BSC-based should be opening for users within the period of quarter four this year. As the main reason concerning security and infrastructure, every system deployment we made must undergo an audit of the smart contracts as the primary step; and currently, our new project to be released is in the progress for the audit team.


To summarize the above, SIX Network is always keen to remember the importance of being a safe, user-friendly platform. Everyone is invited to enjoy crypto asset management experience on Definix platform both Klaytn mainnet and Binance Smart Chain.


Rebalancing Farm is tailored and managed by Definix unique mechanism which leverages users portfolio. And in this long road FINIX holders will suits the right to stake the token for your own beneficial privilege of vFINIX.


The improvements and issues resolved are proportional to where we heard you out in order to retain the highest security performance; the experience we have is priceless, and we appreciate you for that.

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Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
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Definix Q2-3 Updates : What We’ve Done, Fund Management, and What to Come

Definix Q2-3 Updates : What We’ve Done, Fund Management, and What to Come

Building of fund management protocol

Table of Contents

It’s been a little while since the beginning of the year 2021 have thrown us through ups and downs which led SIX Network to successfully launch the DeFi platform, Definix , with a position to be a multi-chain fund investment protocol. SIX Network decided to slowly introduce to the new market about what is DeFi and how to make the most out of it by allowing the money to work for you passively receiving income.


Our year started with the launch of SIX Bridge and immediately followed by the platform Definix on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Along the way we’ve added multiple farms and major updates to make Definix become a better place to invest with a visionary to help you reciprocate much more in the long term.

Although it’s been half a year and June is coming to an end which means that it’s almost the end of the 2nd quarter too. It might take a whole while that we are trying to accomplish from where we left. Some of the roadmap was achievable, but some features weren’t accomplished due to many concerns such as security, test function, and different infrastructure.


We conceptualized the roadmap stated on, accordingly, in the second quarter consisting of three important things: (1) SIX Bridge to another blockchain network, (2) crypto fund investment, and (3) paper trade on chain (fund manager recruitment).

Q2 The Foundation Built

During the past couple of months SIX Network have been putting efforts to build the most solid foundation in preparation to versify the expansion of the new coming feature Definix have promised of fund investment protocol.

Creating World-class Security DeFi Standard

Definix ecosystem and expansion

Expectations of investors who stick around with Definix long enough seem to have interest with the fund management protocol yearning to experience the function as soon as possible. Partnership is helping with the formulating foundation to enhance Definix reliability and the ability to develop the progression in this tower of skyscrapers.


Audited smart contracts from CertiK and TechRate will boost the trustworthiness of the platform with CertiK Skynet, an algorithm protector of potential danger up on service 24/7. Nonetheless to say, Definix is covered up with Soteria Mutual Insurance and CertiKShield which is on the highest level to acquire.

Definix on Klaytn

This is a big move for Definix in this quarter. We’ve launched Definix on Klaytn blockchain. The expansion to Klaytn is a strategic move that helps Definix to make investors in South Korea more convenient to invest in the platform. Also, with the well performances of Klaytn, it empowers Definix to be able to scale to the larger market easily. This is also the preparation for Klaytn fund management protocol that will come very soon.

Klaytn partnering with SIX

FSN Aisa – SIX Network signed MOU officially with Ozys on the 8th of June this year. Ozys, as a blockchain provider, will comprehend SIX Network with the opening of the market to South Korea.


Ozys have experience developing a DeFi protocol under Klaytn Ecosystem which is KLAYswap and have their own bridge system known as Orbit Bridge.


Predominantly, SIX Bridge is the channel that transmits and converts essential assets SIX token to Binance Smart Chain and an addition to the opening to be able to use Definix Klaytn-based the upgrade was made to allow transferring FINIX from BSC to Klaytn Blockchain in this quarter. New farms and pools are added to Definix on Klaytn together with the airdrop period.

Q3 Decentralized Fund Investment

The expansion of Definix to Klaytn Ecosystem is one of the aspects in building up a bedrock of the platform of being the “decentralized multi-chain fund investment protocol”.

Since the large scale of both networks BSC and Klaytn blockchain by Ground X, subsidies of Kakao internet giant in South Korea, are different in their architecture and security concerns, we’ve decided to separately launch Crypto Fund Investment as Definix’s main feature into 4 phases.

• Pre-Phase: Internal Fund System Test

Period: Processing period during last week of June to second week of July 

Internal fund or in-house fund as we insist are about to be open for. During this time SIX Network development team are in the process of testing out the full functionality, pre-setting the funds that will be available and other security details on the smart contract that has to be tested.


Phase 1: Definix Rebalancing Fund on Klaytn

Period: Second week of July

Definix investment fund will be launched with various themes. All funds are managed by experienced traders using rebalancing strategies to start with. The new tool on Definix is the rebalancing interface that will help sort the adjustment of the investment portfolio to return to balance at a preset interval.

Introducing the fund system to professional traders during this phase. Fund themes that might have an appearance are altcoin, governance token, high cap, etc. for instance.


•  Phase 2: Fund Management Protocol on Klaytn

Period: Within Q3

The main feature of fund management protocol will be officially open in this phase. Interested investors and professional traders are welcome to open their own fund managing pool of their crypto funds utilizing crypto assets on Klaytn blockchain.


• Phase 3: Fund Management Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Period: Within Q3

As the main reason concerning security and infrastructure on both blockchain, we decided to manipulate the fund management protocol on BSC after launching it on Klaytn network. When everything has settled down, expansions are needed on both networks resulting in more options for fund managers to settle in.

Paper Trade On Chain

According to the roadmap set from the beginning of the development, SIX Network has given interest to create a paper trade on chain that will be the criteria examining professional traders known as the FINIX Challenge.


And by passing this test users will be recommended to a fund manager on the Definix platform. Along the way of development with numerous papers studied, we’ve found a better system to examine the trading history which is through smart contracts examination.


Therefore, this has been discovered during the “Definx Trading Tournament” in May where we start creating and testing the new inspection system at the backend which turns out to become a better choice and fast facility.


Continuously, SIX Network Developer and Management Team have decided together to improve the system and use our new Finix Examiner instead of the old paper trading system.

FINIX Utility


Since fund management is coming, Finix that you’ve got from the platform will be useful for activities that will happen on the platform. Because we separate fund management protocol launch process into phases, the use of Finix will be introduced one by one in each phase. At this moment, we’ll explain to you the big picture first.

Overview of Utilities of FINIX

✔ The first thing you’ll see at the early stage of the fund management protocol launch is the use for Definix Rebalancing Fund. Users will get a discount on withdrawal fee if the fund manager puts FINIX as a part of the portfolio. That will make the fund that uses FINIX become more attractive for investors to invest.


For general users, FINIX will be able to be used as a discount when invest in certain funds. That means less fees and more profits on investment.


✔ For fund managers who want to be qualified fund manager by Definix, they have to apply for the FINIX Challenge to test their abilities. FINIX will be required here as challenge fees. When they pass, they will become a qualified fund manager and have a chance to get further supports from the platform.


✔ FINIX will be used as a fee for using Definix’s financial product that will be release to help users reduce risk and get more profits such as price insurance and more to come in the future.


The various uses of FINIX is very important to Definix ecosystem since it can lead to the process of supply shortage and create a positive impact to the price in the long term. We’re going to have a dedicated article to explain more about each use one by one at the time we introduce the related feature.

In Conclusion

The more the time has passed the more SIX Network gain knowledge and experience to make Definix platform shape and shift to a better version such as Token Swap, DEX, Pools and Farms. Now comes the Fund Management Protocol in process to be available in this coming quarter of the year in hope to provide the optimal solution for DeFi enthusiasts.


Finally, Definix main focus on investing in DeFi is not just Yield Farming, but the team intends to keep all digital asset investments under a transparent system, can be recheck, and assets that are blooming can be gained by investing in the Fund Management Protocol feature with strategies like the Rebalancing Strategy. No conditions apply whether you have experience in any form of investment or not. All the funds will be taken care by a team of experts.

Definix on the brighter side

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Napathsorn Unchit

Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
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SIX Network launches “Definix” website in preparation for the DeFi platform to be released.

SIX Network launches “Definix” website in preparation for the DeFi platform to be released.


Table of Contents

SIX Network launches “Definix” website in preparation for the DeFi platform to be released.

SIX Network officially unveiled the name of the DeFi project that is being constructed during the beginning of the year 2021 and the website is ready for DeFi experience.

A Sign of a Time to revolutionize the Financial World

Definix, a new DeFi platform from the developer of SIX coins. The story to the name of Definix comes from the conjunction of the two words DeFi, which stands for Decentralized Finance and SIX. In the first stage it was called Defisix, but then distorted to Definix because the pronunciation of the word is more catchy. Thus the name has a consonant sound similar to the legendary creature, the Phoenix. Which symbolized the power of change, rebirth, and hope.

What’s Inside


The composition and layout of the Definix website are styled with simplicity. But the most importantly the Definix from SIX Network on this milestone is to clarify the significant features in Definix Ver. 1 aim for crypto traders who are interesting as of:

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & Liquidity Pools 


The exchange that occurs in DeFi with cryptocurrency is decentralized and is commonly known as Swap which helps traders to swiftly exchange for the currency they need without others in contact.


For that use, the exchanged crypto can be added to the liquidity pool for the system and gain benefit from transaction fees off the platform as a profit.




In the first step to being able to do farming, investors are received with Liquidity Provider Token (LP Token). Then investors are pronounced to stake LP Token inside the Farm and collect incentive calculated from Annual Percentage Yield (APY) passively with no hard work to be done.


Crypto Fund Investment


The crypto fund investment is suitable for experienced traders, desiring to expand their investment into the fund. The traders are able to choose a desirable fund with a risk calculator enabling them to be advice for the most appropriate fund.


And the highlight of Definix is that the fund is made on the Decentralized Finance Protocol; which means that all of the assets are not managed by one single entity and every activity on the platform must run according to the Smart Contract. It is traceable, transparent, and vulnerable to change.


Finix Challenge –  The Chance for Every Trader to Have Their Own Crypto Fund

Despite every feature, this is the foremost feature of the Definix platform offers for every trader. We allow each interesting experienced trader to open their own crypto fund underlining with the paper trade on-chain called the Finix Challenge.


The Finix Challenge is designed critically to guarantee that the owner of each fund on the Definix platform is professional and ascertain to bring benefit and manage the fund.


Definix will provide fund managers with the tools efficient for making the fund on our platform and also receive a management fee of your own crypto fund.


The opportunity offering here for professional traders to capitalize their own crypto fund on Definix is called User Generated Fund. It increases the activity to create the economy of trading and allows each trader to grow along with the platform.


Definix prepared the professional traders with the instrument that helps each trader to trade freely and as much time as desired, unworried about the transaction fees allowing the fund manager to utilize the resource in maximization.

Advancement of Technology for Every Crypto Investor

“The crypto world is moving rapidly. Our team is constantly researching new technologies and implies them to our platform in order to make Definix the most beneficial for users.”

This may be a sign of change, aside from the technology we used, we might as well implement the other technologies for the Definix platform further.


Last but not least the Definix platform will be run on the Binance known as Binance Smart Chain. This is the head start to an innovative evolution to the technology and this will become a competitive market domestically for crypto space.


Definix is made for crypto investors and we believe the platform to be the advancement for the technology that helps new and professional traders engage in the crypto market effortlessly.


Also, it is a great terminal for professional traders to operate their own crypto fund like never before.Hope that we will not have to wait any longer to absorb the full experience of Defnix.

Come back for more promising announcements and updates.

Stay tuned with us on these channels.

Napathsorn Unchit
Napathsorn Unchit

Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
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[MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT]: The Beginning of The New Thing

[MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT]: The Beginning of The New Thing

Compound Finance

Table of Contents

You have likely heard of decentralized finance (DeFi) if you are an active or casual participant in the blockchain industry and DeFi has been getting more and more spotlight in one to two years period. 


SIX have been participating and eager to expand the services to another level in the near future. The current movement is being powered by Ethereum, which offers an open and permissionless system that is easily available to everyone. 


Many categories of DeFi apps are blooming swiftly, in this blog I will introduce you to some of the real-world use cases and categories built on the space of blockchain which are: DeFi, NFTs Marketplace, Games, and Exchange. (According to DappRadar)

Fearless Way to Handle Assets


Without a use case or benefit to the user it is always problematic to gain traction and achieve mass adoption for DeFi similar to mobile device application revolutionary a decade ago. 


The centerpiece of DApps is powered by Ethereum having open financial platforms in payment, lending, trading, derivatives, and prediction markets. This interoperability helps companies graduate the value of products by easily leveraging other innovations in the industry.

In a brief definition:

• DeFi : The freedom from the monetary control of centralized institutions acts as the exchanges, liquidity provider, and lender.


• NFTs Marketplace: Non-fungible Tokens are becoming more trending as off crypto collectible art, gaming, virtual assets, real-world assets, and identity with lucrative collectibles market to eliminate fraud in the entertainment industry.


• Games: Just like any ordinary game but runs on blockchain technology in the backend, not from a single server like traditional architecture. Featuring the ability to purchase and store items on the blockchain that is transferable to the wallet.


• Decentralized Exchanges: DEXs enable cryptocurrency holders, on a peer-to-peer basis, to directly trade with each other without having to trust an intermediary or each other.

SIX Unwrapping the New Phase of Finance


Diving in deeper from SIX Network’s point of view, the decentralized app for finance as introduced earlier

is the ultimate movement that we aspire to become like one.

It is a big story in 2020 for this ecosystem to shift attention to what’s relevant to build brand awareness and maximize revenues.


Having regards to the quarter 3 movement we participate as one of the Klaytn alliances with the objective to explore a new opportunity in the crypto space.


We’ve worked non-stop for months and discussed with Klaytn intended to revolutionize the solution for digital finance. From the last blog post, we brought you fresh insight information on what we have worked on so far in Q3-Q4. But that’s not all we have to tell you.


Now things are settled and soon we might be ready to announce something new.

“I just heard of the decentralized finance in 1–2 years gap, I think it is a good idea to try and push this to work in real life,” said Be.

Something Big is Coming!

“One more thing…”

- Steve Jobs

Just as you think it’s all over we at SIX never stop reinventing the digital economy to a better place contributing to everyone. The famous quote from one of the world’s greatest CEOs enables us to make the year 2021 greater than before.


And Yes, we have that “one more thing” to tell you before this year ends. In the upcoming year, you’ll see from us our brand new product in collaboration with our amazing partner.


Referral to Dune Analytics shows a cumulative total number of unique DeFi user addresses grown rapidly around 11 times over the past year. From July until November, the DeFi ecosystem went from $4 to over $14 billion which is a massive move.

It appears that by the first two quarters of 2021, the search for DeFi on Google trend search might as well go higher and get noticed more than the blockchain itself theoretically from Google Trends; analyzed from the past twelve months.

In fact, we searched and reason out to see that in order for blockchain developers to cater to wider audiences and achieve mass adoption, it would be better for developers to conceal blockchain technology in the background and simply provide consumers with consistent and beneficial experiences.


So we decided to hop on this train since many investors are starting to think of investing in decentralized applications. It’s not too late for us to develop this new product.

We’ll See You Soon


Ok, enough for the hint.


To wrap this up, it was a long journey for us in this vast space this year. SIX desires to reinvent the financial service in DApp for 2021. Gradually step-by-step we are emerging our services available for everyone which will be simple and scalable.


Rebranding is the effort to spike back to the consumers in some cases, many giants in the field have begun to reach out to capture the utility it provides for its users where the application offers services that allow people to lend, borrow, trade, and make insurance service without mediators or banks.

Have DeFi now been attached to the entire industry? Or are we hyping on the cycles that are triggered by the rise of new money-making opportunities? Only time will tell.

The decentralized app for finance doesn’t seem to be impossible, but what could have been the thing on our scheme? Is it yield farming with promising 2 or 3x returns, lending platform, funding, or are we into DEXs?


Here’s the clue

Can you guess what it is? Well of course it is a BIG project in the sense of elaborating, working, and planning. One thing we’re certain of is DeFinitely a thing you guys would want from us.

Come back for more promising announcements and updates.

Stay tuned with us on these channels.

Napathsorn Unchit
Napathsorn Unchit

Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
Visit us at SIX Network for more.

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SIX Network Q3-4 2020 Update

SIX Network Q3-4 2020 Update

Q3-4 2020 update

Table of Contents

In the last two quarters of the year 2020, SIX Network has never stop reinventing and developing what we have on hands to create solutions in which will help eliminate manipulative digital data utilizing blockchain technology.


Here are the three considerable moves during the third and fourth quarter, which are (1) ‘snap’ in collaboration with Claim Di, (2) the new highest price of SIX, and (3) new wallet feature in ‘snap’.

‘snap’ in Collaboration with Claim Di


Thai InsurTech, Claim Di has announced the collaboration with ‘snap’ powered by SIX Network in late August 2020. ‘Snap’ application has the main role to deduct and zero out the image modification when clients issue the insurance policy.

Our profession is to leverage the blockchain system into the new era of the digital insurance system.

Adopting Captured-Locked Image (CLI) from its in-built ‘snap’ application by verifying the specific location, weather condition, shade, and lighting, etc from the real-time photograph taken.


After all the algorithms have been verified as a true image, the insurance company will get an alert from the claimant the insurer can calculate precise cost payment of damage. It is fast and efficient for every party reduces the cost and time in every process.

When the photo was snapped and verified no one can have access to the storage system on the blockchain, not even the insurance company. This will be stored as data for later reference such as its metadata and slowly eliminates the fraudulent scammers. Read more at

Cruising on the KLAYTN’s ship, Swapping to the New Seaway


SIX Network has recently conjoint with KLAYTN with the vision to empower digital creators by establishing decentralized financial services. Previously SIX Coin uses Stellar Lumen as the main channel for blockchain.

It is such an honor for us to be cruising with Klaytn in this vast market of the crypto world. We have hope we will grow on this powerful foundation with a variety of channels for SIX to navigate and serve along with the wave of trends.


Klaytn is supported by Kakao, the gigantic in their respective area located in South Korea has been favorable and hyped by the investors domestically. SIX sees the potential and growth since the crypto market in South Korea is restless. 


We are trying to execute the environment that is compatible with Klaytn for the reason that our next projects are based on ERC-20, and other aspects are easily transferred with the smart contracts.


We’ve launched Swap application that is useful for investors who hold SIX Stellar to easily swap to SIX Klaytn which is suitable for the Korean crypto market,

for now. 


We and our alliance aim to create a more transparent, fair, secure, efficient ecosystem for token holders in the digital and creative economies.

The future is unpredictable, as explained earlier, we rely on Klaytn and wanted to derive digitization of all 360-degree tools which will be suitable for individuals and corporates.


Our current and potential user range matches one with Kakao’s users of the Korean market and after we successfully integrate our contract, token, and data onto Klip; it will ensures trustworthiness on the consumer through our BApps.

The Wallet in Your Hand


On December 4th, 2020 we updated our ‘snap’ application with a new wallet feature where else it acts as the domain wallet for SIX-KCT. Users can transfer and receive the SIX Klaytn token with ease.


We still keep our vision as our priority, adopting security into each transaction order with the same account of the existing SIX Wallet. 

Jump Start to the New Year of 2021


To sum it up, we’ve been putting efforts into every piece of the projects and the services we provide to our partners and token holder. We believe in the empowerment of establishing decentralized financial services for all of our users.


Ensuring our system is built on the model of a fast, secured, and reliable leading  provider of BApps in Thailand and expanding every day in Asia and internationally. All applications will be efficiently and effectively used by our users.


The exchange of our token will be much easier, data management will be more applicable in real-life situations. However, we will never stop reinventing the digital economy for us and for all.

Don’t miss out follow us at:

Napathsorn Unchit
Napathsorn Unchit

Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
Visit us at SIX Network for more.

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