A Short Chronicle of Whale Gate Collection and The Supporting Marketplace on Xclusive


The world of NFT will never be the same when many more projects are bringing utility to the Non-fungible Token. In this article, we will talk about the interesting factors of the world’s first-ever NFT Gen 2 that was showcased at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 6-9 October 2022.


Whale Gate Collection is the first NFT Generation 2 developed by SIX Network. The unique features and abilities that this genre of NFT will allow a community to enjoy the practical experience of the NFT they hold.

The storyline of Whale Gate Collection

The story of how the Whale Gate Collection began 2 months ago with SIX Network production team’s intention to portray a set of NFT collections applying our technology to the existing overachieving hit.


The project “NFT Gen 2” was in our roadmap and was the first project to be birth on SIX Protocol’s chain. Let’s get back to the beginning when our production team first got the assignment to create a demo for the public to experience the feasibility that NFT can be more than just a collectible and interchange the word “Non-fungible” to fungible in its use.


The up coming event to attend the exhibition at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 in October was our window to demonstrate Gen 2 layer’s abilities. But before every other thing, we must first have our own NFT first.

"What should it be?"

The question rings in the team; a whale = symbolic use to call a group of crypto holders with a large amount in their wallet. Then the team manages to throw back the idea and came back with another comment to add a prism between the whale’s body.


It does look like a gate with the whale floating and as simple as that comes the name: Whale Gate.


The highlights of the NFT generation 2 are:

➖ Fraud and duplication prevention using another layer to identify the origin of an NFT

➖ Real-life application that can be used for a ticket pass, privilege redemption, and more.

➖ Options to modify NFT metadata

➖ Dynamic + Static Metadata systematic on the NFT.

Xclusive the Multichain-based NFT Marketplace 

SIX Network, Handstudio, and Xeno Xclusive(ly) launch our first NFT marketplace to support multiple chains of Klaytn and Ethereum to pack in with the wave of NFT trends in South Korea. 


Fast forwarding during the expo was held, the NFT Gen 2 giveaway activity was the highlight at SIX Network’s booth which we are giving out the Whale Gate Collection in the form of paper wallets exclusively for attendees.

Experiencing the Gen 2 of NFT, attendees will have to complete the in-booth to get points that are embedded. At this point is where the Dynamic Data Layer comes with IPFS and oracle to modify the layer base of metadata to track and trace activities happening to the NFT.


And what next? At the exhibition we introduce Xclusive Marketplace, led by Fingerlabs, presenting the multichain-based NFT marketplace launched on the 1st of September 2022. Read more.

The starting launchpads are Bellygom, Sunmiya, Meta Kongz, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and more; now listing Whale Gate Collection by SIX Network on Klaytn Mainnet.


SIX tokens will be used as a medium of payment on Xclusive for every Klaytn-based project which is a crucial milestone for SIX holders. SIX Network is proud to present our very own first collection of NFT with dynamic data which hopefully will be the new phase adoption for NFT users and business sectors.

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