SIX Network: 2023 Year-End Highlights

SIX Network: 2023 Year-End Highlights

As we conclude 2023, this blog provides a concise yet thorough summary of our achievements and strategic efforts throughout the year.


Let’s start exploring these exciting updates and see the progress made by SIX Network.

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SIX Network Rebranded: New Vision Prepared for New Future

SIX Network, as a player in the blockchain field, is changing to keep up with this fast-moving industry. We’ve decided to refresh our brand to better show what we’re all about. Our new goal is to make blockchain easy, user-friendly, and safe for everyone. This fits well with how we already do business. We’re working on real ways to use blockchain for companies, building a strong base for the SIX ecosystem. This rebranding is a new step for us, as we aim to lead in blockchain innovation, making sure our services are advanced, easy for everyone to use, and secure.


Expand to the Ethereum Network for Growth

Ethereum is known for its strong blockchain network that is compatible with many top exchanges around the world. It also has a well-established ecosystem and supportive communities. These are the reasons we decided to bring the SIX token to the Ethereum chain. Ethereum is popular and trusted in the blockchain world, making it a great place for our SIX tokens to grow and reach more people globally. Being on Ethereum also makes it easier for us to connect with big businesses and investors.


In addition to introducing the SIX token on the Ethereum network, we have also upgraded the SIX Protocol to be EVM-supported. We want our ecosystem to be friendly for EVM developers and they can understand and implement their projects on the SIX Protocol chain at ease. This step marks as an important step to help SIX Protocol grow in the long run.


Create Business Uses by Implementing Projects with Partners

We have formed partnerships with notable companies such as Fellaz, Techsauce, Cryptomind Group, and BNK48, and have implemented our blockchain solutions like NFT Gen2, Dynamic Data Layer, and SIX Protocol to positively impact their businesses. These solutions have proven to be effective and user-friendly, particularly our NFT Gen2, which is simple enough for even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to use. This ease of use allows our clients to introduce blockchain applications across various business types.


Our 2023 projects with business partners are just the beginning. We’re currently working on and discussing new projects with various companies. The success of our past projects is leading to opportunities to work with even more partners. This growth means that more people are using the SIX Protocol chain and will lead to sustainable growth in the future.


Reaching Global Audiences by Listing on Top Exchanges

Since we have aimed for a global expansion, listing on international crypto exchanges is an important activity for us. In 2023, we successfully listed SIX to various exchanges including LBank, MEXC, and Poloniex. As a result, it’s much more convenient for our international audiences to get access to SIX tokens.

More than that, SIX token’s trading volume in Korea was skyrocketing during the Christmas campaign on Bithumb exchange. That is a significant move to emphasize the existence of SIX tokens in South Korea.


All to More Opportunities

Continuing this momentum into the future, our primary objective is to deepen the impact and reach of our blockchain products. We are committed to not just introducing innovative technology but also ensuring it adds real value to our clients and partners. As a result, our efforts in 2023 have opened up more business opportunities and set the stage for significant ecosystem growth moving forward.


Year-End Recap: A Journey Through 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, let’s reflect on a year of growth, partnerships, and achievements at SIX Network. 

This recap is a snapshot of the efforts and successes that defined our 2023. Here’s to celebrating progress and looking forward to an exciting future


January: Navigating the Path Forward

SIX Network kicked off the year with the launch of Roadmap 2023 and the introduction of the “SIX Roadmap Journey Update” page, laying the groundwork for the journey that lay ahead.


February: Recognition in the Crypto Landscape

By striving for excellence, SIX Network earned recognition by securing the 7th position out of 25 high-quality projects in Huobi PrimeVote’s 3rd Round.


March: Technological Advancements and Strategic Collaborations

March witnessed the enhancement of the SIX Bridge feature to support the SIX Protocol Chain and the introduction of NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi, along with the successful sell-out of both rounds of the Individual Node Program, underscores strong community support. 


Additionally, partnerships with SIIG and WIRTUAL have been established, promising collaborative opportunities. 


April: Building Bridges and Community Festivities

SIX Network strengthened its position by collaborating with BIFROST as Node Validators for each other, launching the SIX Network x WIRTUAL Campaign, and actively participating in the Pioneering Smart Contracts: Google x Chainlink Bootcamp.


May: Embracing the Ethereum Ecosystem

A significant milestone was achieved in May as the SIX Protocol was updated to support EVM, paving the way for seamless integration with the Ethereum ecosystem.


June: Market Expansion and Token Milestone

SIX Token achieved global recognition with its listing on MEXC Global, a top 20 global exchange. The month also saw the announcement of the FINIX Token 3rd Halving, highlighting the company’s commitment to the tokenomics structure.


July: Collaborations and Blockchain Exploration

Strategic partnerships with Techsauce, collaboration with Bitkub Chain as a PoS Consensus Node Partner, and the exploration of NFT utilities in the virtual world with Bitkub Metaverse showcased SIX Network’s versatility and strategic vision.


August: Technical Achievements and Global Presence

August was marked by the successful migration of the SIX Token to Ethereum (ERC-20) and its upgraded support for Ethereum. The company secured its listing on LBank Exchange, further solidifying its position in the global cryptocurrency market.


September: NFT Ventures and Web3

Teaming up with One Asia Ventures, announcing a partnership with iAM, BNK48’s licensing partner, and signing an MOU for global Web3 business collaboration with Galaxia Metaverse showcased SIX Network’s global outreach and commitment to innovation.


October: Branding Evolution and Token Recognition

A strategic shift occurred in October as SIX Network successfully rebranded for blockchain adoption and business amplification, with a focus on B2B sectors.


November: Continued Expansion and NFT Engagements

Continued expansion efforts with a partnership with Bitkub Chain, an engaging NFT Quest Hunting at Blockchain Genesis 2023, and the design of a Digital Pass for ESL Thailand Clash of Nations 2023 further show the company’s presence in the blockchain and E-sports industry.


December: Strategic Partnerships for Future Growth

The year concluded with the announcement of a strategic partnership with Plearn, setting the stage for future growth and collaboration. Moreover, SIX Network accomplished an impressive milestone by reaching the top 3 trading volumes on Bithumb through a successful Christmas Airdrop.


As you see, Thank you for joining us on this journey through 2023. As we turn the page to a new chapter, stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments in the world of SIX Network.




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