SIX Network introduced One Asia Member Pass NFT

One Asia Member pass NFT

Introducing the NFT for Event Lovers 

Be a part of the vibrant and unforgettable festival experiences from One Asia Ventures, a renowned business in Thailand’s entertainment industry. One Asia Events proudly hosts the country’s top music festivals.

SIX Network has partnered with One Asia Ventures to develop the “One Asia Member Pass NFT.” This collaboration aims to enrich the event experience by offering exceptional benefits for members.

Annual benefits of “One Asia Member Pass NFT” include access to 3 events with a 50% discount:
– Unseen Music Festival
– Siam Songkran Music Festival
– Creamfield’s Thailand


Upcoming Event:
Date: 29-30 September, 2023
Event: Unseen Music Festival

One Asia Member pass NFT2

Membership Tiers: 

🎟 GA (Silver): 3,000 THB (Only 500 Memberships)
50% Member discount voucher for up to 3 One Asia Events per year.
Embrace the full general access experience at our exclusive events.
🎟 VIP (Gold): 6,000 THB (Only 100 Memberships)
50% Member discount voucher for 3 One Asia Events per year, which includes unannounced events.VIP lounge experience at all events.
Exclusive member giveaways throughout the entire year, which include merchandise, priority access to events, meet & greets, and much more (limited access/event).
One Asia Member Pass NFT 3

How to Use One Asia Member Pass NFT: 

1️⃣ Buy One Asia Member Pass NFT:
Buy the pass at WIRTUAL Commerce (https://commerce.wirtual.co/brand-voucher)
Receive code via email
2️⃣ Claim NFT:
Register on One Asia Ventures website (https://nft.oneasia.ventures/)
Enter the code received from WIRTUAL via email
Receive One Asia Member Pass NFT
Choose the event you want to go to, then click “Redeem” to get a discount code
(Note: 1 phone number per 1 wallet per 1 NFT)
3️⃣ Apply Discount
Go to Eventpop website (https://www.eventpop.me/)
Enter a discount code received from One Asia Ventures
Receive discounted ticket


About One Asia Ventures:

One Asia Ventures specializes in artist provider, media, and event management services based in Thailand. With over 5 years of experience, The company is one of Asia’s top event consultants, organizing over 500 successful events and consulting on 174 shows.

Follow One Asia Ventures:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oneasia.me
Website: https://oneasia.me/en
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