SIX Network Amplifies the Capabilities of Digital Assets for BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election


SIX Network, a leading blockchain solutions company, Introduces digital assets for the upcoming BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election, aiming to enhance the fan experience and drive mass adoption of blockchain technology.


Introducing Nigirin collection — the collaboration between iAM and Benzilla to create the inspirational character of a girl who is chasing her dream. Let’s join and enjoy Nigirin’s journey, having fun and pushing forward her dream together with a little friend, Nigiri.


Additionally, each digital asset will have Rarity levels, which are divided into 4 tiers: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common


This collection is available on October 27, 2023, at 12:00 PM (GMT+7), and it has gained a lot of interest among the public and BNK fans. So, ‘Music Code & Digital Asset (NFT)’ set is now fully redeemable. If you’re interested in other merchandise sets, we suggest staying updated by following announcements on the BNK fan page and official website.


SIX Network will seamlessly integrate a collection of Digital Assets into the iAM48 app. Powered by SIX Protocol, Dynamic Data Layer technology. These Digital Assets ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, making blockchain technology accessible to BNK48 fans.


The partnership provides exclusive fan experiences through Digital Assets, enriching the BNK Token journey and making it more exciting. Extending beyond technology, this partnership brings fans closer to their favorite idols and bridges the gap between blockchain and entertainment, opening the door to experience the benefits of blockchain.


This partnership drives the adoption of blockchain technology in several ways:

• Exposing a new audience to blockchain technology
BNK48, with its large and passionate fan base, can introduce blockchain technology to a new audience, showing them its benefits and how it can enhance the fan experience.


• Making blockchain technology accessible and user-friendly
SIX Network’s seamless integration of Digital Assets into the iAM48 app makes blockchain technology accessible and easy to use for fans.


• Providing exclusive fan experiences
SIX Network’s Digital Assets provide exclusive fan experiences, incentivizing fans to learn about and use blockchain technology.


Overall, the partnership between SIX Network and BNK48 is a step towards driving the adoption of blockchain technology. By making blockchain technology accessible, and user-friendly.


About BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election

The BNK48 General Election (GE) is an event held by the Thai idol group BNK48. Fans can vote for their favorite members, and the top 16 members will be selected to perform in the music video and promotional activities.


The 16th Single will feature an original song by BNK48, with the collaboration of JYP Publishing, a music production team from the renowned South Korean entertainment company, JYP Entertainment. Additionally, all 16 Senbatsu members will travel to South Korea as part of this exciting collaboration.


As the BNK48 General Election approaches, stay tuned for more updates on SIX Network’s efforts to enhance the experience for fans.


For more information, visit BNK48’s official website: BNK48 Official.

Follow SIX Network: https://linktr.ee/Sixnetwork


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