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Welcome to the Q1 2023 summary of SIX Network, where we will be closely examining the major milestones achieved by the company in the first quarter. SIX Network has made significant progress by announcing strategic partnerships, participating in crypto events, and launching exciting new features on its platform.


Let’s take a closer look at these exciting developments and the progress made by SIX Network.

Launched ‘Six Roadmap Journey Update’ on the Website

SIX Network updated its “Six Roadmap Journey Update” page on the official website, providing an overview of the progress made by the company. The website is divided into six main sections: Intro, Roadmap, SIX Protocol, SIX Product Progress, SIX Product Update, and the SIX Network 2022. The benefits of this page include staying informed about the company’s progress and advancements, learning about new products and updates, and making informed decisions about involvement with the SIX Network.


Read More at SIX Network’s Website Launch “SIX Roadmap Journey Update


Participated in the 3rd Round of Huobi PrimeVote and Launched Airdrop Campaign

SIX Network participated in the 3rd round of Huobi PrimeVote, a marketing campaign organized by Huobi, one of the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The campaign aims to draw attention to new and exciting crypto projects, with the goal of listing them on the exchange. In the last round, SIX Network was shortlisted as one of the 25 candidates out of over 125 project submissions. The winning project will be determined by the voting results of Huobi users, with votes allocated based on the amount of HT staked. As part of the campaign, SIX Network launched an airdrop campaign, offering users who vote for SIX Network and complete all the Gleam.io missions a chance to win $2,000 worth of SIX Tokens.


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Block Mountain CNX 2023 and Hosted ‘SIX and Sip: A Crypto Cocktail with CEOs’ Side Event

SIX Network has participated in the Block Mountain CNX 2023, a four-day Blockchain Festival held in northern Chiang Mai from February 23–26. The event featured presentations from some of the blockchain companies. Moreover, SIX Network hosted the exclusive “SIX and Sip: A Crypto Cocktail with CEOs” side event, where participants had the chance to engage with the SIX Network CEO, learn about the company’s roadmap and vision for 2023, and enjoy cocktails, food, and networking with influencers and members of the SIX Community.


Upgraded Bridge Feature to SIX Protocol Chain

SIX Bridge introduced a new feature to the SIX Protocol Chain that allows for the seamless bridging of SIX Tokens to the platform. This upgrade will enable users to join the SIX Individual Node program with ease, unlocking new opportunities and expanding the platform’s reach. The SIX Bridge upgrade represents a significant step forward in SIX Network’s commitment to developing innovative solutions.


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NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi Powered by NFT Gen 2

SIX Network aims to broaden the use case for NFT Gen 2 and provide real-life applications for NFTs. To achieve this goal, the company has introduced the Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023 NFT Tickets, which are set to revolutionize the music festival experience. The festival plans to build an entertainment membership and ticketing ecosystem through integration with Fellaz, a Web3 entertainment ecosystem, maximizing user engagement through decentralization and data sovereignty. These tickets promise secure and transparent storage and management of ticket data through SIX Protocol’s Dynamic Data Layer and offer exclusive benefits and access to attendees as standalone VIP admission tickets.


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Opened Individual Node Program Rounds 1 and 2

SIX Network’s Individual Node Program has gained significant attention from its community, prompting the launch of two rounds of the program. The first round was opened on 10 March 2023, offering individuals the opportunity to run a validator node on SIX Protocol and earn SIX tokens as a reward. The program was a success, with all 100 available spots being filled up in just six minutes. In response to the demand, the second round was launched on March 14th, and it was filled up, further demonstrating the strong community support for SIX Network and the potential of the SIX Protocol.


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Node Validator Partnership with Singh Ekasingh International Investment Group (SIIG)

SIX Network has launched SIX Protocol’s Node Validator in partnership with Singh Ekasingh International Investment Group (SIIG Co., Ltd.). SIIG is a digital finance consulting company that aims to transform traditional businesses by utilizing Web3 technologies such as DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. The partnership represents a significant step forward for the company in embracing blockchain technology. Through this collaboration, both companies will work to develop NFT/token projects and leverage financial technology to expand business opportunities.


Read More at SIIG Official Partnership Announcement


Partnership Announcement with WIRTUAL Thailand

SIX Network has partnered with WIRTUAL, a Thai health platform that connects and transforms users’ physical activities such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, and weight training into cryptocurrency. This partnership enables both companies to explore new opportunities and expand the use of the SIX Protocol network and the WIRTUAL platform. Additionally, the partnership allows the introduction of NFT Gen2 technology based on Dynamic Data Layer technology in combination with WIRTUAL’s technology. This enables the two companies to expand their capabilities and develop projects that meet the needs of consumers.


Read More at SIX Network partners with WIRTUAL


In preparation for the future, SIX Network is pleased to update significant progress updates to the SIX Protocol in Q1 2023. These updates are designed to enhance the availability and functionality of our infrastructure, including SIXScan, SIX Vault, and other products in the SIX ecosystem. The introduction of the SIX Protocol blockchain is one of the most significant changes, making it easier for businesses to transition into the WEB3 world with more secure and scalable decentralized products from SIX Network. SIX Network is thrilled to bring these updates to everyone, making decentralization more accessible than ever before.


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