SIX Network Launches Individual Node Program Round 2







Benefits of joining a SIX Individual Node


SIX Network has launched an Individual Node Program that allows participants to earn rewards while contributing to the network’s security and performance.


Here are some of the benefits of running an individual node on the SIX Protocol:

• Earn rewards: Participants who run a validator node can earn SIX tokens as rewards. The more their node contributes to the network, the more rewards they’ll receive.

• Get a free one-year subscription to SIX Name Service (SNS). This service gives you a unique name with 6-25 characters and a .six extension. 

• Better network security: Validator nodes play a crucial role in the SIX Protocol’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, so running an individual node helps secure the network and prevent fraud.

• Be involved in network operations: Running an individual node lets participants join in the network’s operations and contribute to its growth and development.


Please keep in mind that these rewards are just the start, and we may include more in the future. Moreover, you can enhance your opportunities to earn rewards by joining several nodes. For instance, if you hold 100,000 SIX tokens, you can apply to five different nodes.

How to Participate in the Individual Node Program







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