SIX Network’s Strategic Partnership with PLEARN: Enjoy PLEARN Benefits on SIX Protocol


SIX Network is proud to announce its collaboration with PLEARN, a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Luxury Lifestyle and Experience platform. In this collaboration, PLEARN’s decision to partner with SIX Network demonstrates its dedication to utilizing the SIX Protocol, a blockchain designed by SIX Network for business applications. PLEARN has also adjusted its roadmap and Tier Memberships, aligning with the commitment to delivering optimal benefits for holders.


PLEARN offers exclusive benefits tailored for PLN holders across five tiers—Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Pearl, and Investor—which will be further refined and seamlessly integrated with the SIX Protocol.


In this collaboration, the SIX Protocol solidifies its role as a fundamental element, emphasizing its primary focus on delivering diverse features and highlighting significant real-world business use cases and benefits of PLEARN on the SIX Protocol Blockchain.


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, Co-CEO of Six Network (Thailand) Limited, shared insights into the collaboration, stating, “This partnership is a synergy between SIX Network and PLEARN. PLEARN is one of the use cases developed on the SIX Protocol, which can serve as a model for businesses and interested partners looking to venture into the blockchain industry. Moreover, it fosters mutual benefits for both SIX Network and PLEARN, contributing significantly to the overall expansion of the SIX ecosystem.


Previously, the partnership involved PLEARN becoming one of the SIX Protocol’s Validator Nodes, focusing on leveraging Luxury Assets to create exclusive and world-class services for users, establishing a unique Luxury Lifestyle Experience on SIX Protocol.


Read more about SIX Network’s launching SIX Protocol’s Node Validator partnering with PLEARN.


PLEARN, a DeFi platform combining “Play” and “Earn,” offers users and PLN token holders special privileges from partners across various business sectors. The PLN token, recently listed on Bitkub, allows for deposit and withdrawal starting on November 14, 2023, and trading commencing on November 15, 2023. 


Looking ahead, PLEARN and SIX Network may explore Tier Memberships and benefits for both token holders, fostering synergistic growth between the two entities. This collaboration signifies a strategic move that will propel both SIX Network and PLEARN forward.



PLEARN (Play + Earn = PLEARN) is a DeFi Luxury Lifestyle and Experience platform, offering special privileges to users and PLN holders. These benefits include access to The Phill Collection’s yacht club and partnerships with top-leading brands. PLEARN aims to provide a range of services and products accessible to a wide audience, exemplified by its plans for Luxury Asset Fractionalization and other forthcoming projects.


PLEARN’s token, PLN, is distributed to investors, partners, and users who stake specified cryptocurrencies in their DeFi farm or swap other cryptocurrencies into PLN. The distribution is proportional to the staked amount, providing returns similar to interest.


PLEARN stands out as the preferred option for various stakeholders. For holders, it offers high yields from staked tokens, coupled with exclusive privileges and discounts on goods and services from partnered establishments. Partners can leverage PLEARN for opportunities to expand their offerings to new customers. Users, on the other hand, enjoy beginner privileges upon signing up, with the prospect of enhanced benefits tied to staking or utilizing PLEARN’s services.


More information about PLEARN: Website | Facebook


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Note: This announcement is for informational purposes only. Please conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions related to cryptocurrencies or token listings.



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