How to join SIX Network’s ‘Holder Club’ on Discord

Guide to join SIX Network Holder Club on Discord

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Guide to join SIX Network Holder Club on Discord, which will be open on September 1, 2022, for SIX and FINIX holders. Prepare to join our Holder Club to get exclusive information and insight news before anyone else.



In these few months, we have been introducing different activities to our Discord, whether a big activity such as Airdrop or small sessions where we invited members to play games with us. To celebrate this milestone of having over 5,000 members, we’re excited to share that our Discord will launch a new section called ‘Holder Club’ with exclusive rooms specifically for SIX & FINIX holders.


Follow the steps below to join the club!

Who can join the Holder Club?

SIX Holder (5,000 SIX in BNB Chain)


FINIX Holder (5,000 FINIX in BNB Chain)

* Metamask wallet only

#1 On SIX Network Discord, go to ✅⎪six zone-join. After that, press the Verify Assets button!

* Currently, SIXZone is Desktop supported only. Please stay tuned for the mobile version.

#2 After pressing Verify Asset! You will then see the message that popups; then click on the Connect Wallet (this button requires you to take action within 10 minutes).

#3 You will see a link like in the image below, press Yep!

#4 Afterward, you will go to the SIX Zone website and click on Metamask.

#5 Click on Sign Message, and after you press it, you will see the Signature Request page. First, check if it is Chain BNB or not; if yes, please go ahead and Sign.

#6 After going through all the steps, you will see that your Wallet has been connected, click Open Discord, and you will now be in the Holder Club of SIX Network Discord.

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