GalaxiaMetaverse, SIX Network, and Web3.0 Global Business Cooperation MOU Signed


Active Collaboration Planned for Web3.0 Global Business Cooperation and Marketing Activities in the Digital Asset Business


GalaxiaMetaverse, a leading domestic blockchain company, announced on the 22nd that they have established a strategic partnership with SIX Network for global business cooperation related to Web3.0. Through this partnership agreement, both companies aim to provide innovative technologies and services, supporting users to experience the Web3.0 ecosystem in a more convenient and secure manner.


SIX Network, a blockchain technology company, is a project created in 2018 by leading entrepreneurs from Thailand. SIX Network has been conducting business in various aspects to assist enterprises in entering the Web3.0 market. It has also been building decentralized financial services using blockchain and smart contracts.


GalaxiaMetaverse and SIX Network plan to collaborate on integrating and operating various solutions and services using their respective business capabilities, expertise, customer base, and networks. They will also focus on building a secure and efficient trading environment for digital assets using blockchain technology and utility tokens, Galaxia(GXA) and SIX Coin(SIX).


A GalaxiaMetaverse official stated, “In particular, SIX Coin has been actively expanding NFT and DeFi businesses based on various global partnerships and Bitkub, the largest exchange in Thailand.” They also mentioned, “Through this, we expect to expand our blockchain ecosystem between the two companies and enhance competitiveness in the global market.


On the other hand, GalaxiaMetaverse is actively collaborating with global partners and expanding its ecosystem by launching various services for users, such as Galaxia(GXA) raffles.



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