Reinventing the digital economy

Echo : Reflection of creativity

Blockchain technology that solves the creative problem to proof their copyright. ECHO will store the asset’s identity and ownership history in secure digital token/smart contract.

  • Content

  • Platform

  • Fingerprint

  • SIX Storage chain

  • Blockchain

  • How is Echo work

    Echo new blockchain technology for digital creators

    Duration: 03.19

  • The making of Echo

    This is how the Idea come from SIX Network

    Duration: 03.26

SIXR : Linking your digital assets to reality

SIXR is a lightweight wallet equipped with features designed for token utilisa-tion within SIX’s platform and partner ecosystem.

SIX Wallet : Simplicity & Security

SIX Wallet was built on the foundation of simplicity and usability. Our main goal is to change the way people use crypto wallet which is hard to use and slow for now

  • Fast
    SIX Wallet’s average transaction time is less than 5 seconds, making it easy to use in everyday life.

  • Secure
    SIX Wallet requires 3/4 keys between server and client to sign a transaction before broadcasting to the blockchain

  • Human - centric
    Apart from copy/paste long addresses, now that you could easily send money to your friends via @username instead

  • Universal - wallet
    In the near future, SIX Wallet plan, digital assets can be stored, including movies, music, pictures, and intellectual property.

Main Features

  • Financial Services
    Digital banking for the creative industry; such as Smart Payroll System, Short-term business liquidity and Assets to loan solutions.

  • Digital Asset Wallet
    More than just a wallet for cryptocur-rencies, but a single point of entry for your contents, media, IP, loyalty and more.

  • Decentralized Commerce
    New paradigm of 'no middlemen' commerce. First Wallet to Wallet commerce semantically connecting creators to end-users.