SIX Network Roadmap

Our Journey toward digital economy reinvention


  • SIX Network official launched and public sale ICO SIX

  • Launched SIX Wallet & Blockchain startup fund

  • SIXR Application


  • Developing decentralized copyright platform

  • Partner with Klaytn, KaKao’s Blockchain

  • Launched ECHO application, blockchain identification infrastructure


  • Launched snap application

  • Migration from Stellar to Klaytn

  • SIX token on Klip integration

  • DeFi protocol on planning and development

Q1 2021

  • Official unveiled Definix as the new DeFi project. The official announcement has been made on Thailand’s online news article about SIX Network’s DeFi protocol in a collaborative series.

  • Pre-launch of Definix and landing page goes live. Investors can view the overview and milestone of Definix to truly understand the concept.

  • Definix V1 released a decentralized exchange feature and liquidity pool feature.

Q2 2021

  • Bridge to another blockchain

  • Crypto Fund Investment

  • Paper trade onchain

Q3 2021

  • Launch wallet application with simple investment

  • Connect to partner for multi-channel investment

  • Implement Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

  • Finix Challenge Fund