SIX Network Roadmap

Our Journey toward digital economy reinvention

March 2018

Announced SIX Network and Public Sale

May 2018

Ended Public Sale with hardcap reached

August 2018

  • Launch SIX Wallet application

  • Launch SIX Blockchain startup fund

November 2018

  • SDK/API ready for integration

  • SIX Pay

December 2018

Create SIXR, Blockchain wallet and Utillities for creator ecosystem

January 2019

Work with the financial instutions for wallet integration

Febuary 2019

Start developing a decentralized copyright platform for digital assets with related organisation to make it legally enforceable

March 2019

  • Launch SIXR Application & integrate with ChomChob

  • More features on SIXR Application

    • 1. Chat & Chatbot features are added to the application

    • 2. Use SIX to purchase merchandises in SIXR's marketplace

  • Partnership with Klaytn, Kakao's blockchain business

April 2019

SIXR get over 10,000 unique users downloaded in a month

June 2019

Inforamtion-based Lending platform (Krungsri Partnership)

September 2019

ECHO Launching : Digital fingerprint identification blockchain infrastructure

December 2019

  • SIX Network integrated with Ookbee. Contents are uploaded to ECHO

  • 1 million contents from Ookbee have been uploading on ECHO

  • SIXR Application upgrade (Cross-chained wallet, P2P decentralized commerce)

Q1 – Q2 2020

  • The new standard for major digital assets is to be created. We aim to extend the functionality of the SIX digital asset wallet as follows:

    • 1. Digital content standard redesign from the ground up

    • 2. W2W decentralized commerce

    • 3. Smart contract and new business model possibilities for each type of digital asset